Favorite: Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush

First thing’s first, I have to confess: this brush sat unused in my makeup case for the better part of a year before I actually used it for the first time. A combination of the it being so damn shiny mixed with the fact that I may or may not have thought it was a lip brush made me completely intimidated by it.

It’s not a secret that I freaking love Real Techniques, but there was something about the Real Techniques Bold Metals 202 Angled Liner Brush that seemed to say “I am not for your unskilled, lumpy hands” and it successfully and subconsciously bullied me out of using it on my face. Luckily, it’s a beautiful brush, so it wasn’t hard to look at every day despite it constantly cracking it’s knuckles and making lewd hand gestures.


Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush - 19

But the other day, I was ready for a super-graphic eye – okay, mostly I was staring at this girl’s face for so long that I needed to become it. That liner is so sharp, I definitely do not have a pencil or pen that will get that dark, or that precise… so it’s gonna have to be gel liner.

I’m not the most dextrous, and I feel like I have hooded and, uh, loose eyelids..? Any liner that requires “dragging” of any amount is something that generally intimidates me. So what we’re learning is that I have to use the eyeliner that intimidates me with the brush that makes fun of me. FUN MAKEUP ROUTINE, LINDSAY.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush - 11

First thing’s first: this brush is gorgeous.

Really, the entire Real Techniques Bold Metals collection is gorgeous. Each brush has a different high-shine, tinted metallic handle. After the ferrule (that piece that houses the bristles), the handles turn to a tapered, square shape which helps prevent rolling and gives everything a sexy art-deco vibe.

The good news is that the brush is infinitely easier to use than I expected. Is there still reason to be cautious? Well, yeah, if you’re me there is. Though I was pleased to discover that the biggest challenge to using this brush was not hitting the long ass handle against the mirror as I was applying it.

I gotta get real close to the mirror because turns out it’s really, really hard to put precision eyeliner on with a brush while also wearing glasses.

Gel Eyeliner with Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush

The way that this brush picks up and holds product without globbing it onto your eyelid is truly confidence-building. To be fair, I only tried it with gel liner (specifically essence Gel Liner). I haven’t tried it with my much more runny liquid liners, which might make the bristles apply differently, but the density and shape of this brush make it pretty difficult for eye color to go too haywire.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush - 13

Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush - 24

What I love the most is the angled liner brush‘s ability to get really deep into the lash line with thick, opaque color. It makes smoking out eyes and defining shapes extremely easy, and you don’t waste a lot of product trying to direct it to an area the brush cover. The angle is precise enough to track an entire lash line and give a nice, soft but defined wing.

The Bold Metals collection is definitely a step up in price from the regular Real Techniques line. Granted, it also looks like it’s more expensive, and the quality is likely a little bit improved, so you’re getting what you pay for when you double the price. I consider it “the professional Real Techniques brushes” because all of the brushes have numbers like the girls on YouTube say in makeup tutorials. AKA they’re fancier.

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Photo via Beauty Vanity

So, to give you an idea, a brush that would regularly be $9.99 will be between $18.99-$20.99. The higher prices brushes are notably large, though, so keep that in mind. Large, in charge, and completely stunning.

Where to find Real Techniques Bold Metals

I got my liner brush as a result of being an influencer on Klout (remember Klout? Anyone? No?), but it has since inspired me to collect a whole bunch of Real Techniques brushes. Nearly all of my Real Techniques brushes have come from Ulta, but you can find the Bold Metals collections here:

I’ve found that it’s cheapest at Amazon, but keep checking back and definitely make sure you use coupon codes wherever you can! And if you’ve used any brushes from the Bold Metals collection, comment below and tell us if they’re worth the money!

Beauty notes: Lips are Tarte Lip Sculptor in VIP, shadows are from Smashbox Full Exposure palette, brows are NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Chocolate

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