Hunting Down Flat Sandals Under $25

The moment I saw that it was going to be pushing 80°F this week was the same moment I realized that I didn’t have any flat sandals. I mean, that’s a lie. I have sandals; one pair is covered in mirrored plates with a kitten heel wedge (not super good for beaches), and the other is a $5 pair of rubber flip flops (not super good for anywhere but beaches).

Why am I so afraid of flat sandals? I think it’s because the sandals of my life have historically been boring. So boring. Althrough, I developed appreciation for salt water sandals in my late 20’s and I’ve been known to live in my flip flops well into the autumn months. There’s something about the sandals that fall between “rubber” and “formal” that confuse me. Do I look for stylish sandals, or versatile ones? Durable and long-lasting, or a pair with a more seasonal life span?

I’ve decided the answer is yes. Just one big yes.

Around the web, I found several cute flat sandals hiding in the sale section at some pretty major shoe haunts. The sandals in this post are all under $25!

Topshop Hilt Lace Cut Out Sandals

Topshop Hilt Cutout Lace Sandals, $21.99 (were $45) 

Top Guy Joyce Sandals

Top Guy Joyce Sandals, $22.97 (were $67)


Koolaburra Alexa Sandals

Koolaburra Alexa Black Leather Sandals, $24.99 (were $120)

Not Rated Coronado Sandals

Not Rated Coronado Sandals, $24.97 (were $49.99)


MIA Caya Huarache Sandals

MIA Caya Huarache Sandals, $21.97 (were $39)

PAtrizia Anouk Sandals Black

Patrizia Anouk Sandals, $22.99 (were $49.99)

JBU by Jambu Laura Too Sandals

JBU by Jambu Laura Too Sandals, $24.99 (were $39.99)

If these didn’t tickle your fancy, definitely check the clearance sandal section at 6pm. It’s getting absolutely crazy up there with the sales, and you can easily search by your size if you want to skip the heartbreak part of shoe shopping. Another good spot to check is the sneaky sale sandals at Macy’s which is where those last sandals came from. (Bonus! Try code HONEY10 for 10% off at Macy’s.)

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