Ethical Giveaway: People x Pencils of Promise x Soko Cuff Bracelet

Simple jewelry is frequently my favorite jewelry. If there’s too much going on, I start to overthink how I’m wearing it and typically end up either taking it off or wearing something I don’t really want to wear to accommodate the accessory. Yeah, I’m a mess – so what?! Luckily, there are these cool natural metals in the earth, and when you smash ’em together, shine ’em up, and bend ’em into weird shapes – they become beautiful adornments! No overthinking required!

People x Pencils of Promise Cuff - 18

In the People shop, you’ll find this cuff. Modern in design, delightfully basic in composition. When I wear this, I feel like Wonder Woman (or more appropriately, Vonder Voman). Adding two parts copper to one part zinc alloy creates the beautiful brass that you see here, and is responsible for the radiance that this cuff emits.

People x Pencils of Promise Brass Cuff

That’s not just regular brass, though, it’s upcycled brass – giving new life to old, shiny “junk” is one of my favorite things. Now, not only is this cuff bracelet beautiful, but it’s got a mysterious story behind it! Maybe it used to be a French horn!

People (as in the magazine) partnered with Pencils for Promise to create this wonderfully alliterative collaboration with the upcycling and economy-building jewelry makers at Soko – take a breath – and together they created this gorgeous, simple, V Cuff.

People x Pencils of Promise Cuff - 24

People x Pencils of Promise Cuff - 53

This is a very cool partnership for a lot of different reasons. First of all, Soko is making big waves for global artisans and generating income for (mostly) women around the world. Then, add that power to Pencils of Promise, which helps develop educational resources in insecure areas and you’ve got an incredibly inspiring story to tell when someone comments on your jewelry.

People x Pencils of Promise Cuff - 56

Easily stackable, but I’m not much of a hand fiesta girl, or whatever it’s called, and really love to wear this on its own. Brass is definitely different than gold, so keep that in mind when adding this to any existing bracelets or watches. I love the brass because I dig the dirtier, more antiqued look.

People x Pencils for Promise Cuff - 12

The people at People are really proud of this creative partnership and gave me one of these bracelets to give away to you! This cuff retails for $45, so if you don’t want to risk it, pick it up here. (20% of each sale goes directly to Pencils of Promise!)

*** Note: This giveaway is now closed! ***

If you’re ready to roll the dice, there are several ways to enter:

People x Pencils of Promise V Cuff Giveaway

People has mandated that this contest be open to US residents only, ages 18+. Follow People on Facebook for more excellent partnerships!

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Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on April 16th, 2016

Good luck!