Glowcus Pocus: Halloween Cream Highlighter Inspired by Hocus Pocus

The beauty industry loves to release “themed collections” – especially around the holidays. Major beauty brands come out with safe, cheerful, sexy themes while indie makeup brands come out with awesome Halloween collections like the Glowcus Pocus collection from Shiro Cosmetics.

Themed collections are laughably common at Shiro Cosmetics. There’s always something to celebrate and become fanatic over. In this case, if you aren’t vibrating with excitement already, is a collection of cream highlighters inspired by the classic Halloween film, Hocus Pocus.

Glowcus Pocus: Hocus Pocus Inspired Cream Highlighters


These aren’t your average highlighters, though. First of all, they’re creamy, which means they are way easier to go overboard with than powder highlighter. I love cream highlighters because you can put them on under foundation for a really subtle, ethereal glow, or you can pile it on top and be literally reflective. If you love an extreme highlight, lay down some cream highlighter on your cheekbones and then layer your favorite powder highlight on top. Satisfaction guaranteed, you’ll stop traffic.

Colorful highlighters are extra fun around Halloween, too, because you can layer them over a really light base and create some spooky, otherworldly looks. All three cream highlighters are lip, cheek, and eye safe, so playing is highly encouraged! 

What film could be more deserving of a beauty homage? Each full size highlighter comes in a container featuring Hocus Pocus-inspired artwork. (You can see each individual label on the product pages.) The Sanderson sisters might not have been conventionally beautiful (without the souls of children, of course), but their individual style shines through the evil. Appropriately, each Sanderson sister also has her own highlighter shade.

I Put a Spell on You
Full Size (10ml): $12 | Sample (2ml): $4

Inspired by Winifred Sanderson, the matriarch of the Sanderson sisters who was played brilliantly by Bette Midler in the movie. In a major scene, the three sisters enchant an entire school dance, including the chaperones by singing “I Put a Spell on You.”

This highlighter looks teal-blue in the pan, but on skin it has a beautiful lavender effect with a strong green shift. Shiro recommends trying it as a contour shade – I’ve never used a shimmer or glitter shade as contour, but I but the purple tones in this would give it an awesome shadow!

Form a Calming Circle
Full Size (10ml): $12 | Sample (2ml): $4

This warm highlighter is paying homage to Mary Sanderson, the lovable, least-evil witch played by Kathy Najimy. I was so happy when I saw her on Veep – I want Kathy Najimy to be relevant forever, and she couldn’t have been better in this movie. At once point during a chaotic uprising, Mary suggests to Winifred that they “form a calming circle.”

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This is definitely tied with the next shade as the most wearable color in the collection. It’s a beautiful orangey-red with bright, sparkling, purple shift. This is the perfect mystical fall color for the cheeks, but I’m dying ot see it layered over the top of a red liquid lipstick!

Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok!
Full Size (10ml): $12 | Sample (2ml): $4

Last but oh my gosh not least – Sarah Sanderson, played by pre-Manolo Blahnik-wearing Sarah Jessica Parker. As the dumbest, dopiest, youngest sister, she frequently got distracted by the shiny and irrelevant. During a stroll through costumed children on Halloween, Sarah hears Winifred say the word “amok” and takes it to tangential extremes by shouting, “Amok! Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok-” before she gets an elbow to the ovaries.

Once again, looks are deceiving with this cream highlighter. It looks olive-gold in the pan, but when blended out, it appears as a rosey taupe base with bits of gold glitter. As a glowy bronzer, this would be beautiful, but on those with blue or green eyes, this is a killer!

You can purchase all three cream highlighter shades from the Glowcus Pocus collection together in The Sanderson Trio (Full sizes, $32; Sample sizes, $10). I’m not sure if this is a limited edition collection for the duration of the Halloween season, but I would suggest getting your hands on at least a sample. Compared to other luxury and premier cosmetics, these prices are extremely fair. You’d expect to pay as much for an average drugstore highlighter, and these are the polar opposite.

Would you wear these magical Hocus Pocus highlighters?

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