Graphic Tee Club: For Pete’s Sake (+ 30% Off Coupon Code)

Graphic t-shirts with words on them are difficult for me. Not only does the idea of doling out free, justified boob-staring sessions squidge me out, but there are very few statements that I believe in strongly enough to have them literally written on my shirt. I’m more of an artistic interpretation kind of girl. That being said, For Pete’s Sake, an indie lifestyle brand out of Santa Monica, CA, managed to nail the grey area of cool statement tees that hit my design button, as well.

For Pete's Sake - Graphic T-Shirts

For Pete’s Sake

For Pete’s Sake is kind of a refreshing take on a hipster classic. Wait, is “hipster” still considered an insult? I guess I would use that word to mean “boldly quirky” or “thoughtfully irreverent.” For Pete’s Sake shirts are pretty minimalist, as far as graphic tees go, and their messages are unique and sometimes very subtle. I like that because, as we know, the whole words-on-a-tee thing can easily become lame or come off as trying too hard.

If you look closely on the Surf Santa Monica shirt above ($28), you’ll see it’s covered in tiny, multi-colored specks. Kind of like funfetti for people who only wear black.

For Pete's Sake - Graphic Tees

For Pete’s Sake was smart and chose a business name that also looks cute printed on a shirt. It’s an old saying referring to St. Peter, so when I say old I mean biblical-old… But it also reminds me of cute old men and popular phrases from decades past.

The FxPxS Box Logo tee ($28) in the pic above features laundry symbols from the tag of the shirt. Does it make any sense? No, not particularly. Is it cute and wearable? Completely.

For Pete's Sake - Box Logo Graphic Tee

When you’re working with graphic t-shirts and words, it’s all about typography. For Pete’s Sake’s logo is totally typography-based and definitely floats my boat. I love an embellished font with an all-caps sans-serif (in case you hadn’t noticed).

For Pete's Sake - City of Angels Tee

There’s a clear love for California that runs through these graphic t-shirt designs. There is also a very clear appreciation for vintage graphic design and typography. The way For Pete’s Sake has interpreted their brand through different vintage-inspired designs is very attractive. I love a good graphic tee design that looks authentically vintage once it gets worn in, do you know what I mean?

For Pete's Sake - Logo Graphic Tee

As far as their most basic of basic tees go, the Logo Tee ($28) is it. Since it only contains the brand name, which happens to be a cute phrase, frills are kind of unnecessary.

For Pete's Sale - 24/7/365 Graphic Tee

This is my favorite design of the bunch. The seemingly random symbols and characters are Roman numerals, stacked to represent the numeric phrase 24/7/365 ($28). As a freelancer

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There aren’t a ton of t-shirt options, but the brand is only on year two of existence. They’re broke-ass artists just like you and me, so if you wish that they had more designs, buy one of their existing ones and you’ll be funding your future tee’s creation.

Coupon Code: Take 30% Off

For Pete’s Sake is celebrating their second birthday and offering 30% off site-wide for one week! That would make every shirt in this post only $19.60.

For Pete's Sake - 30% off coupon code

Use the promo code SAKE30 at checkout, offer good until Nov 17th.

What do you think of For Pete’s Sake? Are these designs you can see yourself wearing?