Happy Birthday, J.Crew Factory! Thanks for the 50% Off

For the US and Canada, this is gonna be a good week. J.Crew Factory is turning four years old! To celebrate their birthday, they’re taking 50% off of everything on the site except for leather stuff, cashmere, men’s suits, gift cards, and third party branded merchandise. Nothing I want on that list, so no big deal.

For those of you wondering what the difference is between J.Crew and J.Crew factory, their website won’t help you. I really had to search to find out what the difference was, and the most concise answer came from a men’s fashion forum on Reddit:

“A factory store is a division of a company that uses cheaper fabrics and constructions, as well as generally a slightly different cut/fit. They are geared towards the same market segments as their non-factory store counterparts (sic), but at a cheaper price.”

Okay, cool. That’s kind of what I figured since the prices are so much lower than J.Crew’s standard store. They do make their clothes in the same factory as the regular J.Crew, though, so there’s that! Also, the designs are incredibly similar, if not identical, and the general aesthetic and lifestyle surrounding the brand is definitely the same. I don’t mind the discrepancies, personally. The quality of J.Crew’s regular clothes is way above average, in my opinion, so J.Crew Factory being a little below that for incredible prices is A-OK with me.

If sales like this overwhelm you and you crave direction, let me direct you: stock up on basics. Regular J.Crew shoppers know that the basics you find there are truly pieces that you will want in your wardrobe for-probably-ever. But J.Crew and J.Crew Factory also excel at taking basics and putting a cute spin on them. They never stray too far from their preppy aesthetic, but they definitely know how to edge it up just a leettle bit. As a result, everything they make is appropriate for pretty much every occasion.

floral tees and quirky sweaters

Top row: Striped Lace Hem T-Shirt, $39.50 $19.50; Floral Sweatshirt, $64.50 $32
Bottom row: Embroidered Fox Teddie Sweater, $78 $39; Printed T-Shirt, $64.50 $32

Okay, I have to say it – there is no way in hell that turquoise floral t-shirt is worth the original price. $65 for a floral t-shirt!? Yeahno. $32 is even a little high but I really like that floral print, and there’s a cute keyhole in the back and I’m kind of weak for that… But I definitely know it’s not worth $64.50! That fox sweater, on the other hand, is worth every penny of that price, and the fact that it’s only $39 is freaking awesome.

J. Crew Birthday Sale - Greens and Floral Edgy Looks

Top row: Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool, $89.50 $44.50; Short-Sleeve Printed Dress, $118 $59
Bottom row: Black Skinny Sateen Jeans (28″ Inseam), $85 $42.50; Tissue V-Neck T-Shirt, $22.50 $11

There was a period of my life where I exclusively wore tissue-thin v-neck t-shirts, and seeing the 11 different colors that this tee comes in is making me nostalgic. Seeing the price reduced to $11 per tee is making me itchy. I need them, and I need them in this forest green, the olive green, the light yellow, the white, and the all of the colors.

Also that dress – !! Obviously florals have become a fixture in my daily lusting but this dress in particular is extremely lust-worthy. It’s partially the flattering cut and the rest is the print. I hate pink, but this print is wooing the pants right off of me. (So I can put a dress on! Come on, pervs!) The best part about this dress, though… It’s machine-washable. I know! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

Oh, and don’t forget – J.Crew Factory sells shoes and accessories, too…

J.Crew Factory Accessories

Top row: Marled Camp Socks, $14.50 $7; Olive Calf Hair Pumps, $138 $69 
Bottom row: Sylvia Calf Hair Wedges, $138 $69; Tortoise Frame Sunglasses, $29.50 $14.50


Before I leave you to explore this crazy sale on your own, here’s the fine print in normal-sized font. (I bolded the good parts.):

*Prices as marked at jcrewfactory.com reflect discount. 50% discount on items as advertised in stores. Offer valid on purchases made in J.Crew Factory and J.Crew Mercantile stores and at jcrewfactory.com from October 6, 2016, 12:01am through October 11, 2016, 11:59pm. Offer not valid in J.Crew stores, at jcrew.com or on phone orders. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards and cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer not valid on men’s suiting, leather merchandise, cashmere items or third-party branded merchandise. Offer valid in the U.S. and Canada only. Terms of offer are subject to change.

Check out the J.Crew Factory Birthday Sale here!

Probably watching Netflix.