Beauty Trends: Cannabis In Your Cosmetics

What could possibly be more appropriate to post about today than the use of cannabis and hemp in beauty products? It’s on the rise, and it doesn’t even get you high at all! Well, in most cases.

Hemp, the fiber, is closely related to – but totally not the same as – the type of cannabis that is quickly being legalized for recreational use around the country. (Hello from the Pacific Northwest!) The stigma surrounding what my Dad refuses to stop calling “dope” is slowly fading away thanks to a particularly stereotype-defying, marijuana-friendly culture, and the sheer fact that it’s kind hard to find a reason to dislike it. (In fact, kind of the opposite – we keep finding things it’s really good at.)

The Body Shop Hemp Products-1

First of all, hemp is one of the most sustainable fibers you can grow as far as how well it grows in varied climates and how durable it is, and can be used for many different things like paper, clothing, food, and as you known since you’re here – beauty products. The bummer part is that no one has been allowed to cultivate it since 1970.

Well, the story of hemp farming in America is kind all over the place. Long story short, the USA was like “Hey, it’s 1600 and we’re farming hemp here! Like always!” Fast forward to 1930 when America was like “Wait! This is a drug, probably! Nope sorry illegal.” Then, WWII happened and we were like “Whoops! We actually really need some of those hemp thingies we banned for supplies, soooo… Not legal anymore yes ok great!” Then Nixon happened and was like “Marijuana is hemp, they’re totally the same – DRUGS!!!1 So we’re gonna go ahead and ILLEGAL.” And ever since then, only research crops have been allowed – and only as of recently.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from almost the same type of cannabis that you found in your dad’s sock drawer, except this stuff isn’t very good at making TV shows funnier because the psychoactive part, THC, is basically absent. High-CBD strains are the most useful in medicinal applications, as they have been shown to majorly reduce pain among a slough of other benefits. The oil produced from this stuff, CBD oil, is being tested around the clock due to its exceptional strength and loaded antioxidant power. Slowly but surely, it’s trickling into beauty products.

You might have even seen hemp seeds in your local natural food store. These little seeds are not only delicious, but they’re loaded with Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Hemp in all forms is pretty impressive! This oil is the most common way to employ hemp in your beauty routine, and reports of its effectiveness are coming back positive!

And, yes – it may even offer anti-aging benefits.

The Body Shop Hemp Products-10

I didn’t really think about the way that hemp might be poised to change the beauty industry until The Body Shop sent me these effective and mildly hilarious hemp-based skin products. Above, you see the Heavy Duty Hemp Hand Cream in its limited edition packaging (the density of which makes it feel more like a “hand treatment”) and the favorite of the college bound and incarcerated: Weed Soap, on a Rope.

It’s kind of adorable, right? The same way that Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo grew on you after the third or fourth episode. It’s fun because it makes people uncomfortable for no logical reason! This soap also happens to smell awesome and cleans my skin, which is always a nice function of soap.

It’s fun to watch these beauty companies get on board with cannabis culture, too! In fact, The Body Shop is offering 42.0% off of your purchase today with the code HAPPY420. Yes! The Body Shop! That place where your mom gets her favorite shower gel is having a stoner-themed sale. It’s all happening!

But soap and hand cream are truly just a scratch on the surface of cannabis-infused and -inspired beauty products. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to marijuana beauty products. Since I started researching, there have been some surprises – cannabis products and hemp seed oil are hiding in a lot of top name brands!

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Cannabis in Beauty Products

Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum

Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau de Perfum, $50

Okay, the fact that this is the first one on this list makes this extra embarrassing but there’s no actual cannabis in this. It’s just a perfume that’s scented with the delicate scent of marijuana. Before you ask, yes, it has patchoili notes in it, but also plum! Chocolate! Vanilla! Bergamot! Orange! It probably smells amazing, but I’ll never know because it’s $50.

Dr Bronners Rose Hemp Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Castile Soaps, $2.89+

If you haven’t been indoctrinated into the Dr. Bronner’s cult (which may or may not be a real thing), get on it. This stuff is the genuine article. It can be used for everything from shampoo to laundry and is entirely biodegradable and natural. There are several scents, but this rose hemp mix is enticing me lately.

Malin Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash

Malin+Goetz Cannabis Hand + Body Wash, $22

You gotta respect a brand that uses 50% of their marketing space to list out the ingredients and directions. They really want to be sure you know what you’re using and that you’re using it correctly. This cleanser is good for all-over, making it perfect for the shower. I know nothing else about this other than: it’s cannabis. Maybe not the best to use in the morning before going to your conservative office job.

Hempz Body Lotions

Hempz, $7.30+

I discovered Hempz when I was putting gift baskets together for Home Goods, but I’m really, really glad I did! My first exposure was through their shower gels, but the product range has everything from body lotion to hairspray – there’s a lot to explore!

Uncle Harry's Hemp Blemish Salve

Uncle Harry’s Blemish Salve, $6

Uncle Harry’s is as hardcore as Dr. Bronner’s when it comes to devoting your life to finding the perfect natural beauty formulas. Uncle Harry’s is based in my own home of Washington state and incorporates hemp oil into their blemish salve due to the alleged (and seen) acne-fighting capabilities. Uncle Harry’s is as hardcore as Dr. Bronner’s when it comes to devoting your life to finding the perfect natural beauty formulas. Uncle Harry’s is based in my own home of Washington state and incorporates hemp oil into their blemish salve due to the alleged (and seen) acne-fighting capabilities.

Natures Gate Hemp and Argan Haiar Care

Nature’s Gate Hemp + Argan Oil Haircare, $5.86

Are you noticing that a lot of companies that use hemp oil are also very committed to creating sustainable products? It’s not a coincidence! Nature’s Gate is slowly becoming a natural household standard, and their Argan oil + Hemp oil blend sounds like an incredibly nourishing and hydrating way to add a bit of cannabis to your hair care routine.

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara, $20

Well, well, well! Our first big beauty brand on the cannabis cosmetics list! Urban Decay caught on and added hemp seed oil to their mascara formula. As hemp seed oil is also an emulsifier, it keeps the formula nice and smooth for application.

Source: Temptalia

OCC Lip Tar, $20

The previous item surprised me, but that seeing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics uses hemp seed oil in their famous lip tar does not – but it does make me like them even more! We’ve done some pretty extensive review trials with OCC Lip Tar and haven’t found much to complain about.

There’s no doubt that this list will grow, but in the meantime, live a little and in the spirit of the “holiday,” try incorporating a little bit of cannabis into your beauty routine!