Honey Browser Extension, A Coupon Code Lover’s BFF

Trust me, I know that you’re sick of hearing about coupon sites and coupon codes and coupon apps and coupon jobs… but please, let me tell you about Honey because it might just be the best one out there.

It’s not even an app! It’s a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. You may have used other coupon apps that guarantee efficiency and promise to do everything they can to help you save money, but while other companies usually pay off once every several months, Honey actually kicks ass. The best part about it is Honey just sits in the corner of your browser. You can click it if you want, but you don’t have to. It’s the laziest way to save money that I have ever seen.

Honey is what would happen if the top 3 coupon and reward-based shopping programs got together and, uh, reproduced? For lack of a better analogy, what I’m saying is that Honey incorporates every kind of cash-back and coupon function out there: coupon codes, gift card rewards, and cash back for shopping.

Honey, the Best for Coupon Codes

The coupon codes seem obvious, but what isn’t obvious is how Honey actually tries all of the coupon codes for you with the click of a button. Instead of copying and entering every. single. coupon code., you now get to say “Go for it, Honey!” and it tries codes and refreshes the page until it figures out which codes are authentic and which are expired. It then applies the codes that save you the most money. You literally do nothing while this happens except watch your screen and feel like God.

You want more control? No problem, click the button in your browser and see the top operating coupon codes for whichever site you’re shopping on, as well as the last time that code worked (down to the minute).

ASOS and Thredup Coupon Codes on honey

The real fun is making Honey do all the work for you, and since I have no idea how to portray that here, I encourage you to try it for yourself. If you’re still doubtful, here’s the exact process that enacts as soon as Honey realizes you’re trying to check out without a coupon code:

Honey Try Coupon Codes

Honey Trying Coupon Codes Honey Saved Me Money

After you see this screen, you can close it and see the coupon code(s) applied to your cart. All you have to do from there is cough up the cash!

Full disclosure: I didn’t spend anything to get these screenshots, but I had to pretend-shop and fill my cart up with almost $200 in things I now really want. The things I do to help save you money, I swear!

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HoneyGold: Honey’s Rewards & Cash Back Program

Similar to big retail stores, Honey has a points program that eventually converts into cold, hard cash or gift cards. HoneyGold is a way for Honey to kick back some of commissions it receives when you shop through their links and use their products.

HoneyGold Merchant Deals

For each dollar you spend, you receive a number of points. Seemingly, points you collect (cumulatively, from any store in Honey’s network) can earn you gift cards from places like Amazon, iTunes, or even movie theaters. Or, you know, you can just get that reward in cold, hard cash. Transfer it over to your PayPal! Some brands and retailers offer double or triple points – ThredUp, for example, two HoneyGold points for each dollar spent.

The Honey Referral Program Also = Cash

Yes, even when you invite your friends to please come and have some coupon codes, Honey will give you cash for that, too. For each friend that you invite with your special Honey invitation link, you’ll both receive a 5% kickback from your friend’s first purchase in the form of HoneyGold.

It hasn’t happened to me yet so I can’t report on how easy it is to withdraw cash from Honey, but rest assured that I will update as soon as possible. And, hey – if you want to make things go a little faster, click on this link to sign up as my referral and we’ll both benefit!