ECIG: Up to 84% Off Mia Melon Waterproof Hoodies

ECIG stands for “Eye Candy, Indie Genius” which was a B&B column from waaaaaay back in the day, when I first started discovering and falling in love with indie fashion & indie beauty.

It’s coat season! After a few weeks of wearing coats every day, I get kind of frustrated that no one ever sees the outfits that I meticulously choose from my floor’s clean pile every morning. I would love to invest in dozens of designer jackets, but if you read the name of this blog when you got here, you can probably figure out why that’s not a sustainable plan of action.

Waterproof Hoodies on Sale

Fortunately, I saw this Mia Melon Shenendoah Wrap Hoodie at just the right time – when it was 84% off, making it only $20 instead of $125.

Mia Melon is a brand I’ve only recently discovered, and their unique, design focused outerwear is actually really affordable, given how performance-focused each piece is. The brand, itself, is a mind-meld between two lovers of art & design, one of whom just so happened to be a pioneer in industry of ski and snowboard gear. The marriage of indie design with the tried-and-true performance expertise of an outerwear pro created Mia Melon.

The $20 hoodie-meets-wrap-meets-jacket Shenedoah Hoodie is only available in English Rose (above). They’re out of the gorgeous, black, micro-fleece version they had before. (Sold out because people were totally happy to pay $125 for, which makes me feel very, very good about this deal.) The good news is that all sizes are available, XS-XL.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect “not sure if I want to go outside for a minute or just stay cozy inside, but I want to look cute” jacket of your dreams, it’s here.


R.I.P. Black Micro-Fleece.

In addition to the Shenendoah Jacket, Mia Melon has something more conventional in terms of jackets. The Vanoise Hoodie fits nicely into what appears to be Mia Melon’s signature look: a structural twist on a classic. This classic is marked down over 60% from $125 to $45.

Each of their waterproof hoodies has undergone a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) treatment so the exterior beads water and snow off easily and prevents water from saturating the exterior fabric of the jacket. In addition to being waterproof, the these Mia Melon jackets are also windproof! This hoodie also has a snap-off hood for an easy spring/summer variation.

The Vanoise Hoodie comes in three colors: black, English Rose, and Tobacco. I’m really interested in the Tobacco color, but unfortunately there isn’t a photo. You can see Tobacco-colored clothes elsewhere on the Mia Melon site, though, for reference. It’s kind of an earthy, olive brown. The Vanoise Hoodie is available in XS-L for $45.

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Waterproof Jackets on Sale

In addition to receiving the sale DWR treatment as the waterproof hoodies, Mia Melon’s jackets are made from high-tech, breathable fabric that protects you from the elements. It also has an inner shell that’s made of warm microfiber to give you that additional insulation.

A couple of Mia Melon’s waterproof jackets are on sale for immensely good prices under $100.

Mia Melon Granada Jacket, $99 $29 | Mia Melon Wanderer I Jacket, $166 $79

These jackets are the type that will last you years. Pick the one that you want to see in photos five years from now, because you’ll be seeing that jacket for a while.

Mia Melon is largely crowdsourced. They’ve run a few different Kickstarter campaigns to get their brilliant designs out, and now we’re reaping the benefits! In order to keep this indie fashion ball rolling, they’re continuing their innovation and transparency with subsequent Kickstarter campaigns to raise funds for new designs. Right now, Mia Melon is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to help create a travel-friendly line of “Style Shells” which are lightweight, springtime jackets with the same weatherproof performance of their more heavy duty designs.

For a pledge of $96, you can pick up any one of their new designs. Or for a $1 donation, you can let them know you dig what they’re doing. Clicking through to ogle the new jackets is 100% worth your time!

Update 12/21: There are only TWO DAYS LEFT to help this brand push out their new Style Shells! If you believe in what they’re trying to accomplish and/or love the new design of the Style Shells, get one for 45% off by donating to the Kickstarter here!