Dedicated: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Household Products

Did you know that as many as 88 percent of Americans believe that it’s important we take care of the earth? You probably already know that recycling and limiting fossil fuel use are some of the ways you can do your part to make your lifestyle greener. You may not have known that another way to add eco-friendliness to your lifestyle is to start doing research on the household cleaning products you use.

Lots of household cleaning products, even some of the ones that claim to be green or safe, contain toxic chemicals that are harmful both to humans and to the environment. These chemicals can cause health issues, both big and small, for your family, and can harm water sources, plants, and animals, too. Unfortunately, not all ingredients labels are totally honest, and some of them don’t contain all the information you need to make an informed decision. That’s why doing extra research before buying cleaning products is so important.

When you buy from a responsible company, you know with confidence that you’re getting a quality, sustainable product. In 1959, Amway released its first original product, which was a household cleaner that was both organic and biodegradable. Though Amway offers many, many more products today, their commitment to sustainability and health hasn’t changed. Learn more about sustainability, the harmful chemicals in household products, and how you can improve your shopping list by checking out the infographic below!