Inspiration: From Dreams to Reality

Dreams are one of my favorite things about being alive. Not to get all gushy on you, or anything, but I literally look forward to dreaming every single time I go to sleep. Vivid dreams are my favorite, and I’m lucky because most of my dreams aren’t riddled with anxiety or fear or anything – just… oddness.

There is almost always a big, old house. And then, nine times out of ten, there’s some kind of chaos occuring in the background. I remember one time, I had dream-stumbled upon a house party in an old Victorian-style house like the ones they have in the islands where I live. Generally, I was calm, but couldn’t help but notice that everyone was in possession of a lampshade. “In possession of” meaning they were carrying them around like handbags or beer coozies.

And this was long before Lorde’s “Swingin’ Party,” I promise. Trust me, my perception of reality glitched out for a half-second when I heard that song for the first time!

And if you’re wondering – yes, everyone in my dream did look at me weird when I didn’t have my own lampshade. And double-yes, in that dream I did steal a lampshade from a neighboring house because, just like in real life, I am starving for the approval of strangers. (Hi, welcome to blog, won’t you please subscribe?)

lampshade hat girl lamp

(via Mosieur J.)

If you haven’t noticed, I’m also very lucky to be able to remember my dreams in pretty rigorous detail. This is largely thanks to the fact that they are pretty much never traumatic and are reliable enough to show up just about every night. I get really excited about what entertaining crap my brain is going to project onto the back of my eyeballs, and I’m privileged enough to look forward to my dreams.

The earliest dream I remember was actually the scariest one I’ve ever had, as well as the only recurring dream I can recall. I was about six years old and was standing outside of my aunt’s really old, derelict home which I loved for its weird flaws and spookiness. There was a big piece of construction equipment sitting out front, the kind with a front-loading bucket that’s attached to an arm that goes up and down.

Well, I was leaning on the bucket of the front-loader, and it started to raise up in the air. Despite the laws of gravity, the one elbow I had resting on the damn thing managed to raise my entire body up into the air. The people who were standing outside with me had been looking in the other direction and didn’t notice their small child near this gigantic, apparently running death machine, so it was all terror and chaos. Every time I had this dream, I woke up while I was still “in the air” and I never found out if I actually got back down.

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To this day, I believe the law of gravity saved me from developing a fear of heights.

dream.. by Mauco Pinotti

(via Mauro Pinotti)

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take some inspiration from the random dreams I have. Do you remember any dreams where you’re wearing something totally out of your personal style bubble? Like perhaps a lampshade?

There was one dream in particular where I found myself in, you guessed it, a cool old house and I was wearing this awesome dress that had a tarot card print down the front. It was kind of Off with her head! but in a way that wasn’t violent and didn’t involve stalking.


(via Pretty Little Thing)

Also, I’m not a mystic person or anything, but I put a very high value on tarot card designs, and they definitely, definitely belong on a dress. Hopefully someday, that fashion dream will come true!

I was encouraged to think about my dreams by, who have collaborated with me on this post and created this awesome video about what children dream about:

What was the last thing you dreamed about?

Top image: Reality Breaks Dreams by Maurizio