Alchemy: Jaime King’s Inclusive, Vegan Makeup Line

When I first saw the model/actress, Jaime King, she was “James King” and there was no possibly way she could get cooler. It was the mid-90s, she was 15 one of the top runway models for Christian Dior and Chanel, and you could see her in every high fashion or teen magazine available. These days, the mother of two and activist goes by Jaime King, and she’s paired up with Colourpop Cosmetics to share her 20+ years of beauty expertise through her 12 piece makeup collection, Alchemy.

Jaime King Colourpop

She looks basically the same at 36 as she did at 16. Having her in a creative role in the beauty industry is a gift to us all.

And I really do mean “all.” Jaime King has had this makeup line in mind since she was 15, and has a strong calling to make it accessible for everyone – literally! She spoke with InStyle Magazine last fall about who she envisioned would use her line:

“I want it to be for the girl next door, I want it to be for transgender kids, I want it to be for the boy born in the wrong body, and the girl born in the wrong body. Anyone that feels like they have something to hide even though they’re innately beautiful. We’re making these incredible videos with transgender teens and with anybody. It’s for everybody and for every age. That was really important to me. Also, making the formulations appropriate for a young teen to someone that’s 90-years-old, and still looks beautiful on the skin.”

There are a total of 12 products in the Alchemy line: two matte Lippie Stix with two matching Lippie Pencil liners, a highlighting crayon with a corresponding contour crayon, one Super Shock Cheek matte blush, two Super Shock Pearlized Cheek colors, two Super Shock Shadows, a black satin liner/shadow, and a transformative Super Shock Shadow that adds a peachy sparkle to any color, anywhere.

Alchemy by Jaime King for Colourpop Cosmetics

The range might translate to a little basic, but take a closer look and you’ll likely realize that these are the colors that you hit pan on most frequently. Pearlized nudes and flattering gold tones are gorgeous on pretty much everyone, and who doesn’t need a deep red, matte lipstick?

The goal was to create a limited line of products that included everything you would need for every day makeup. Obviously, this excludes primer, foundation, and unless you can rock a set of black or bronzed eyebrows, we’re missing that, too. Like I said before, though, each one of these colors is on my “most used” list. I’m a fan of a shinier-than-usual natural look, so Alchemy is definitely perfect for me.

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Limiting my makeup kit to this would also be a huge space saver… but we all know that’s never gonna happen.

Let’s talk prices, and how every single item in this collection is under $10. The Lippie Stix, the liners, the contour crayons and the shadows are all $5 each, while the highlighter, blush, and bronzer are each $8. You can also buy all six pressed powders for $30. (Note: the blush, bronzer, and highlighter are “mini” sized, aka less than half the amount in the $30 set.)

Colourpop Cosmetics are made in America, cruelty-free, and almost every single product they carry is vegan. As far as my research could tell, all of the products from Jaime King’s Alchemy line are vegan, too.

Check out the entire Alchemy: Jaime King x Colourpop Cosmetics line here!