Lotus Leggings Under $20, Best Sellers for Up to 80% Off

Hey, dudes. It’s me, Lindsay. From the future. I am working on a review of Lotus Leggings because I bought some during this mega sale. Wow, did I have the worst experience, or what? I don’t want to delete this post, but I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND buying Lotus Leggings. I am 90% sure they are some kind of scam, and the quality is garbage. Feel free to read on if you want to breath heavy on some gorgeous leggings, but they’re best as pictures. As leggings, they suck.


Now that I’ve gained approximately 15 lbs. since last week, I’ve been living in leggings 100% of the time. Well, leggings and PajamaJeans. Now that I’ve seen that a brand I’ve been stalking watching for ages, Lotus Leggings, was having a major clean-out sale on their best-selling leggings… my wardrobe, like my waistline, is about to expand to accommodate some cute new leggings.

In the past when I’ve checked out the Lotus Leggings website, I’ve seen about a dozen leggings that I need. But with each pair ringing in between $40 and $60, I end up putting off my purchase because there’s no way I can pick my favorite one or two pairs from the gigantic digital fistfuls of leggings I’m in love with.

Until today. Or, rather, yesterday when I discovered this deal and squandered it, keeping it to myself for about 12 hours. Trust me, the guilt is deafening.

This week, Lotus Leggings has applied extreme discounts to their best-selling leggings designs. I picked up the Galaxy leggings in Teal for only $11.99 (reg. $49.99) and the Enchanted Forest leggings in Pink to Orange for $13.99 (reg. $49.99).

This isn’t the first crazy sale I’ve seen from Lotus Leggings, either. Sometime in the middle of this year, I saw these prices. There are also coupon codes floating around the internet – I highly suggest using the Honey browser extension for that. I was able to finagle 25% off of this order just by clicking a damn button!

Galaxy Athletic Leggings, $17.99 (reg. $69.99) | Mermaid Athletic Leggings, $17.99 (reg. $69.99)

Lotus Leggings make athletic leggings as well as regular pretty ones. The athletic versions typically cost a little bit more because they’re made with a moisture-wicking, extra stretchy fabric that also has compression effects which may reduce muscle fatigue and help recovery after long-distance running and workouts.

As for the other 10 leggings that I didn’t buy out of my favorite dozen, they’re here:

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Lotus Leggings offers free shipping on $49 or more, otherwise their shipping is $6.95.

Find your favorites from the Lotus Leggings Holiday Sale!

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  • m8888888

    I was excited about this until I read the reviews of Lotus Leggings, which almost entirely suck. There are lots of tales of bad service and shoddily made, too-small tights. why are there no companies that make nice leggings with such cute prints?!

    • You’re totally right, the reviews are garbage!! That’s kind of why I waited until they were unbearably inexpensive to try them out. I will definitely do a review once I get them – if they’re crap, I’ll definitely let everyone know! Bombsheller makes really, really high quality leggings but they’re a tiny bit more expensive than full-priced Lotus Leggings. That being said, I have had my two pairs for over 2 years and they’re still going strong! I use them for weight-lifting and cardio mostly, but they’re so incredibly beautiful that I try to wear them out as much as possible, haha.

      Thanks for bringing up the reviews, though! I should have touched on that in the post.