Major Sale: 50% Off OFRA Cosmetics This Weekend Only

That means OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks for less than $10. ($9.97, but still.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve hit up a flash sale site – remember those? AKA Pretty much the only place young, middle-class women shopped in 2009? Many of them died out (the sites, not the women) but Hautelook and a handful of others live on. They’ve seriously stepped up their game as far as keeping up with the newest and most current trends in beauty, home design & style. This isn’t sponsored by them or anything (but it could be, hiiii), I was just really impressed that Hautelook managed to snag such an incredible indie brand like OFRA Cosmetics!

If you’re not familiar, and I barely am, OFRA Cosmetics has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there, and is backed by a zillion YouTube beauty gurus. They’ve even collaborated with top vloggers like Kathleen Lights who I love! Beware though, OFRA newbies, because the range of colors available is staggering and can easily become overwhelming. Here’s a tiny view of everything they have so as not to frighten you:

OFRA Color Liquid Lipsticks

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Know what you like before heading in, otherwise you’ll be swimming in lipstick shades for a good hour – and flash sales aren’t made out of time, you know! (They actually completely 100% are.)

I’m really excited about Miami Fever (by Kathleen Lights) aka the perfect orange, New Orleans which is a dark, warm purple and Solano, a gorgeous copper matte metallic. I’m all about the warm colors, I guess! I feel like cool tones will make me look like a severe ice queen, but maybe I shouldn’t discount that look so quickly…

For the undecided, there is an excellent four-pack of liquid lipsticks in really beautiful red tones called Four Shades of Romance for $22 which is a crazy steal. I would snap it up ASAP because it’s the only multipack and I have a feeling it’s going to go quickly.

Here’s the price breakdown at the OFRA sale:

Liquid Lipsticks: $9.97 (reg. $19.90)
Banana Powders (loose & pressed): $9.97 (reg. $23.50 & $15)
Highlighters & Bronzers: $9.97 (reg. $15 & $35)
Fixline Eyeliner Gels: $9.97 (reg. $17)
Brow Gel: $9.97 (reg. $17-$26.60)
Mini palettes: $18 (reg. $29.95)
iPalette & iPalette Mini: $9.97 (reg. $49 & $29)
Makeup Removers: $9.97 (reg. $16.50)
Facial Cleansers:  $9.97 (reg. $16.50-$19.50)
Vitamin C Bronzer Gel: $14 (reg. $29)

Uhh, wow. I kind of didn’t realize exactly how good of a deal this sale was until I made that list. Wow. Just wow.

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If you’re a member of Hautelook, you’re good to go, but if you’re not don’t worry – it takes two seconds & it’s free! And worth it, honestly. I’m not even going to get a referral fee if you sign up, so believe that I’m being straight with you! If Hautelook keeps this indie beauty game up, I’m happy to become a loyal customer.

Check out the OFRA Cosmetics sale on Hautelook!

The sale ends on Tuesday night (that’s 5/31/2016 for those of you from the future or distant past). If you love something, don’t wait!