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For the last several months, I have been coming to terms with the fact that my makeup collection is a mess. Not only is it a mish-mash of stuff I don’t like and stuff I love, but – ugh, this is embarrassing – it’s also being kept in a mobile makeup kit and, um, plastic cups.

Yeah, I know. I am a 31 year old woman and my cosmetics are kept in clear, compostable (that shows maturity!) plastic cups (aaand back to failure). It has to stop. I love makeup way, way too much to be living like this. That being said, I have kept the shame latently in mind for months until Zazzle wrote me an email and basically said “let us help you fix your beauty… situation.”

Even my big travel kit won’t fit all of my brushes, liners, and lipsticks in it. When I’m home, I pretty much use it exclusively for palettes and face stuff like foundation, highlights, primers, etc. Plus, digging for the NYX Skinny Brow Pencil in an overflowing train case will make you want to cry after the seventh time.

I hit Pinterest hard looking for good ways to organize makeup brushes, pencils, and the like. You guys know I can’t buy anything that only has one purpose, so I was looking at bloggers who put their brushes in flower vases, upcycled aluminum cans, and my favorite – makeup brushes, lipstick, & liners in coffee mugs. 

Zazzle Makeup Brush Mugs

Obviously, I am coffee-obsessed to begin with, and Zazzle just so happens to be kind of the best place to get affordable customized mugs. After seeing adorably kitschy makeup mugs all over Pinterest, I pulled the trigger on three gorgeous mugs in a similar color family featuring some of my favorite things.

coffee mug custom art print lipstick organizer

Including but not limited to the nickname my Dad gave me when I was a kid: Dammit.

coffee mug custom art print lipstick organizer

This mug is so cute! It’s actually the only mug that I custom designed because, sadly, they didn’t already have an orange and black floral mug with “Dammit” written on it like a proper noun. I just loved the autumn color palette and the ditsy, cutesy flowers. I didn’t get to pick the font or anything, but I think it goes nicely with the whole theme of the mug which is my dysfunctional yet adorable childhood. And it only cost me $17.85 to un-repress and immortalize those memories!

The second mug I picked up is very complimentary in color, but a complete departure in design. It features a beautiful piece of art called “Femme A La Marguerite” (“Woman with a Daisy”) by my favorite painter, Alphonse Mucha.

coffee mug custom art print

coffee mug custom art print

Isn’t it dreamy? All peachy and rosey with those defined black outlines and a beautiful woman… This mug is also $17.85 but having a little bit of Mucha with your beauty routine is an expense I couldn’t spare. I thought it would perfect for holding all of my liquid lipsticks, of which there are quite possibly too many, and I was about two Colourpop lipsticks away from being right.

My love for Mucha was born when I took my first Art History course in college. His work is closely associated with the 1920s-1930s as he did many advertisements – most famously for absinthe. The painting on my mug was done in the year 1900! You can see how it picks up the red-orange tones from my Dammit mug.

PS – I really like calling it “my Dammit mug.”

The Mucha mug and the Dammit mug were both standard-issue 11 oz. mugs. I actually chose this size, as the vast majority of their custom mugs let you choose 11 oz. or 15 oz. The two designs I’ve shown you already fit the best on the smaller size, but for my third mug – the mug that would hold the brushes – I sprung for the 15 oz.

Zazzle Makeup Brush Organizer Mugs

This is a beautiful “ringer mug” (referring to the black painted rim) featuring an entomological print of a Death’s Head Moth. Lemme be straightforward and tell you that this mug is just over $20. I know. Obviously, my love for moths is influencing my spending a little bit, but I am going to all but sleep next to this mug, so it’s worth it for me. Do you like how I hang my little tweezers on the outside? I thought that was pretty clever, not gonna lie.

I absolutely love moths and think they’re gorgeous. They’re like the awkward older sister of butterflies, and as most of my favorite colors are neutrals like brown and grey, I think they’re some of the most beautiful insects around. The Death’s Head Moth used to be considered good luck, and was thought to bring prosperity. Sounds like a good Broke & Beautiful mascot to me!

When I looked up moth mugs on Zazzle, I expected a couple of designs but instead I was amazed by my options! There were so many moths to choose from, picking this Death’s Head Moth was a tough but satisfying choice. Much like fashion with botanical prints, this old school bug was right up my alley.

coffee mug custom organizer

Ta-da! It fits all my stick-shaped makeup! My brushes fit nicely in the tallest mug, and my liners and lipsticks happily live in the smaller ones. Eventually, I’ll find something that makes a little more sense, but for now I love it. They take up so little room, and it’s great to be able to see exactly what I’m picking up before I even reach for it. I keep the lipsticks upside-down so I can see the names of each shade before I pick it up. Just be sure to give them a good shake before using!

lipstick holder custom art print coffee mug

As far as makeup organization goes when I’m road-tripping, I usually just end up grabbing a handful of beauty products and throwing them into my hiking bag. Pretty decidedly un-glamorous. Since I had some money left on my gift card after scoring those three custom mugs, I sprung for one of Zazzle’s nylon makeup pouches featuring a vintage advertisement.

Zazzle Makeup Pouch - Vintage Advertisement

Pouch” is a bit of an understatement, if you ask me. This thing is big! It’s 9″ wide and 6″ tall – definitely plenty of room in there for some makeup, some brushes, and even a palette or two. And surprisingly (no offense, Zazzle), the zipper on the pouch is of really nice quality. It’s not flimsy at all and would take a couple pairs of pliers to even get a bend in it. This pouch was just under $35 and I am totally infatuated with it. I’m pretty sure no one in my town has anything like this, and it’s dumb but I kind of love that…

Well, you did it, Zazzle. You made me into a woman. And it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I was told it would be! I now can travel like an adult and have organized makeup like an adult. I love the look of the mugs and the space they take up is negligible at best, not to mention they are cool looking and add personality to my otherwise boring bathroom countertops.

Tell me in the comments:

How do you organize your makeup? 

This post was sponsored by Zazzle who compensated me with a gift card with which to buy the things you see in this post. No additional compensation was given, and all opinions/choices were and are my own! Thanks, Zazzle – this was super fun! (And necessary and overdue…)

Probably watching Netflix.

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