NastyGal’s Courtney Love Collab is the ’90s Wardrobe of Your Dreams

The 1990s throwback train is still chugging along smoothly. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it surge over the next few years… Things are certainly about to get interesting, and fashion is notorious for reflecting political climates. Hell, the 90s themselves were a rebellion against the baby boomers! And that rebel nature is vibrating all the way through 2016. Love, Courtney is NastyGal’s collection with iconic 90s queen, Courtney Love. It is a complete throwback to my angsty teen years and it feels like a warm, rebellious blanket.

On November 7th, 2016, NastyGal launched Love, Courtney’s holiday collection full of party-ready dresses and separates. Please keep in mind that it’s Courtney Love’s idea of “party-ready” and not your conservative aunt’s.

Every photo in this post is clickable, and I highly suggest viewing some of the most exciting pieces up close. First, a quick rewind on NastyGal’s collaboration with Courtney Love.

It all started in January of this year. The combination of Sophia Amoruso (#girlboss) and Courtney was as logical as it was exciting, and her first collection under the clever moniker Love, Courtney was a huge success.

No holds were barred when it came to making the collection a complete reflection of Courtney Love’s incredibly unique style. Love drew from her own collection of vintage garments, including an Edwardian jacket that helped shape the navy blue velvet coat you see above right.

Amongst the pictures in the Love, Courtney lookbook are photos of Courtney, herself, performing on stage at the height of her grunge fame. Tattered blonde hair and short dresses with lipstick on-ish and every last drop of attitude. It’s all reflected in the clothes.

The Love, Courtney collection looks like what would happen if you took a Delia*s catalogue to a Nirvana concert. It’s so completely covered in gutter-glitter that it makes me nostalgic for push pops and slap bracelets.

The collection includes everything you’d need to create a fully-functional wardrobe of Courtney Love’s clothes. Shoes, jackets, tops, skirts, bodysuits, and some seriously gorgeous unmentionables.

Love, Courtney White Lace Bustier ($88) and High Waist Lace Back Panty ($48)

Oodles of lace, flirtatious babydoll dresses, and ripped fishnets are everywhere. Half of the collection is lingerie and the other half might as well be. It’s honestly the perfect celebration of Courtney Love’s 90s style. Half virginal, half decidedly not. I love the mix of elegant fabrics with bodysuits and crop tops. It’s such a good contrast! But if you’re a purist, the innocent white ensemble above totally comes in black.

Even the shoes are worthy of printing out and handing to friends and family members in lieu of a Christmas list.

Love, Courtney Whiskey a Go Go Heels ($98)

Love, Courtney Sunset Strip Stiletto Heels ($88)

The pièce de résistance of the collection? A floor-length beaded lace gown with cutouts, artfully covered in embroidered “Doll Parts” lyrics. Yeah, I know, we all just had a moment, didn’t we?

Love, Courtney Fillmore Dress ($348)

This is a gown reserved for only the most die hard Hole/Courtney Love/90s obsessives out there. The dress has a very 1920s feel with its long lines and drop waist. I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind look at this every morning while I pick something else to wear, but as long as it’s $350, I can safely say that’ll never happen.

Let’s do a line of babydoll dresses, shall we?

Roxy Dress ($128); Canyon Club Dress ($118); Bowery Dress ($78)

There are some things in this holiday collection that are making me consider doing questionable things in exchange for a time machine. The sheer amount of eyelash lace being used in scandalous and sexy ways is unnerving – in the best way possible. Asymmetrical tutus I could maybe do without, but these open-back crop tops with cap sleeves and ties are just… *drool*

Love, Courtney Burn Black Lace Crop Top ($78) SOLD OUT

Have you seen a more perfect crop top? Obviously, there’s no way I’m going braless to wear this, but I think you could be wearing a Nike sports bra under this and it would still look absolutely beautiful.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be an accurate representation of the Queen of Rock without some crowns.

Assume the Throne Crown ($68); Rock Steady Gemstone Headband ($25); Francine Jeweled Crown ($68); Closer to Your Heart Jeweled Crown ($58)

Those crowns or headbands or whatever you want to call them are oddly appealing. Is anyone else experiencing the delusion that I could walk around with one of these on without being hyper-aware of the top of my head? Maybe I’ll do it anyway. I mean, if there was a perfect time for women to declare themselves queens, now would be it.

Check out the rest of the Love, Courtney collection on NastyGal!

PS If you love that leopard coat as much as I do – it hasn’t been released yet. But it’s coming! Follow B&B on Facebook or @Broke_Beautiful on Instagram to be the first to know!

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