Wish List: Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Wallet Emptying (Sale)

Let’s not get too wordy about this because the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is a feeding frenzy for cheapies like us. Luckily, there are thousands of products in the sale with all sizes available from dozens of brands, so the chances that you’ll find something are pretty damn good. The prices have been marked down up to 40% and if you’ve got a fashion shopping list of things your wardrobe is missing – this is the time to beeline for that section and see if you can’t snag something perfect at a deep discount!

Also, if you can’t stop yourself from loving designer clothing (hi, I’m with you) the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is the chance for you to indulge without needing to drink the regret away with a bottle of two buck chuck later. I head straight for Leith, Vince Camuto for shoes, Sam Edelman for shoes, TOMS (for… shoes), and the good Nordstrom brands like BP and Halogen.

But I can’t take up all your time telling you every product in the sale that I want to buy because by the time I’m done, the sale will be over. Fortunately, I have the self-control to limit myself to my top three garments from a variety of categories like pants, dresses, shoes, blah blah blah.

I’m sure there are some corners of the sale that I missed, so if you find something extremely good, send me a link on Twitter!

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Under $100 Wish List

Nordstrom Semi Annual Rompers

Leith Lace Trim Halter Romper, $38.40 (reg. $64); Alo Hatha Romper, $51.60 (reg. $86); Missguided Floral Plunge Sleeveless Romper, $37.20 (reg. $62)

Yes, I think this is the year I finally try a romper. I hit 31, decided I really don’t care about having legs like Giselle Bündchen (I love an excuse to use an umlaut), and I’m gonna wear a floral romper even if it requires sewing myself into one. The Alo romper in the middle caught my eye initially because the front looked incredibly comfortable. Plain gray, heathered jersey material, then when you hit that rear viewboom. Reason to buy #1262.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Shoes

TOMS Calypso Canvas Wedges, $48.26 (reg. $68.95); Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals, $79.90 (reg. $117.95); Sam Edelman Brylee Platform Sandals, $65.96 (reg. $109.95)

Those TOMS wedges are some of the most comfortable wedges I’ve ever worn – I tried them on in the store, I’m not paying $70, ok? My sister Cleary has them and wears them constantly throughout the summer. Highly recommended. Are flatforms still cool? Because those orange ones are delicious, and require little to no tip toe. Can you see there is a clear comfort trend here? SUMMER DEMANDS COMFORT.

Nordstrom Semi Annual Jeans

Topshop Jamie Ripped Grey Skinny Jeans, $52 (reg. $75)Treasure&Bond Ankle Boyfriend Skinny Jeans, $52.80 (reg. $88); Madewell Embroidered Pull-On Shorts, $44.99 (reg. $59.50)

Jeans, jeans, shorts! I am a sucker for gray jeans, and while I’ve never actually purchased an pair of pre-destroyed denim, I am okay with the rips in the knees here because I 100% know I cannot make my rips look that good. I try to distress my jeans and instead of looking super worn-in and sexy, they come out looking like they got caught in a lawnmower. Not cute. So people with degrees in denim distress: you are appreciated. Same goes for you, middle-left-leg-crops. Shorts… you’re fine.

Nordstrom Semi-Annual Jackets Kimonos

Free People Floral Kimono Jacket, $88.80 (reg. $148); Glamorous Sleeveless Jacket, $51.60 (reg. $86); City Chic Rainbow Kimono Jacket+, $55.30

The only stylish jackets that are appropriate for summer are not jackets. Cocoon coats, bed coats, silk jackets, and trench coats… Sleeveless trend coats! Bed coats are my favorite. I hate calling any of these kimonos, but for the sake of search and conversion – these are also sometimes called kimonos even though they’re super not, but I definitely love them and love the romantic vibe they give to your crappy tank top and old jorts.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Dresses

JUNAROSE Violet Lace Sundress+, $77.40 (reg. $129); Tahari Seamed A-Line Dress, $85.76 (reg. $128); Leith Wrap Front Body-Con Midi Dress, $34.80 (reg. $58); Lush Floral Print Mock Neck Dress, $22.80 (reg. $38); MICHAEL Michael Kors McKenna Twist Back A-Line Maxi Dress, $74.98 (reg. $125)

Well, here are five dresses instead of three. Remember when we were talking about how I had self-control? I knew we’d have a good laugh about that “self-control” comment eventually. There are so many more dresses from this sale that belong in this post, too, but I have to draw the line somewhere and it’s not going to be at eating one serving of ice cream at a time, so it’s gonna have to be limiting my favorite dresses. Baby steps.

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Special notes about these dresses: The gorgeous floral mock neck dress comes in three other colors with their own unique floral pattern available, so if you’re desperate to relive the 90s, please do check that out. The baby blue Tahari dress reminds me of a dress that Emma Stone’s character on The Help would wear, and that is 30% of why I like it so much. For being so basic, it definitely gives off a vintage vibe – kind of 1940s, kind of 1960s.

Hmmm, just thought of a few more fashion categories that need representation. If you have something to do, or need to get to the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (please help me stop trying to called it “Semi Annual Sale” – is that different? I don’t know.), you should probably excuse yourself now because the rest of this post is just gratuitous & extreme fashion indulgence.

How about “Irresponsible But Exclusively Summer-Appropriate Footwear”? It’s not unimportant. Besides, I don’t post nearly enough limo shoes on this blog, anyway. (Limo shoes being: the shoes you wear during the short jaunt between the car you arrived in and the seat you will not move from for the rest of the night. This allows for much, much, much less comfortable shoes that look really, really good.)

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Limo Shoes

gx by Gwen Stefani Raffael Lace Up Sandal, $65.96 (reg. $109.95); Dolce Vita Heath Platform Wedges, $71.96 (reg. $119.95); BCBGeneration Solo Platforms, $58.77 (reg. $97.95)

I posted the only angle that really matters: rear view. Yum! I’ve never heard of gx by Gwen Stefani but – okay! That heel is huge and amazing. The front is lace-up so at least you know they won’t fly off your feet! If the shoes take you down, you’re bringin’ them with you. The middle are wedges, ok moving on to the shoes on the right. These are not my typical type, but this “Cotton Candy Snake Print” is so pretty, and the really simple peep toe slingback is unbearably sexy. I’ve got love for simplicity! Pastel pink and blue five inch snake skin simplicity.

Maybe it’s the Seattle girl in me, but I can’t think about Nordstrom without thinking about amazing lingerie. You’re not a middle class suburban girl until you’ve gotten a bra fitting done at Nordstrom. They carry all of the top brands for all the top boobs. This wouldn’t be a proper Broke & Beautiful Wish List if there weren’t a bunch of bras and bralettes.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Bras Bralettes

kensie Kimberly Bustier Bralette, $17.98 (reg. $30); Natori Feathers Underwire Longline Bra, $45.60 (reg. $76); Felina Niki Strap Underwire Bra, $21.60 (reg. $36); Cosabella Bisou Queen Soft Cup Bralette, $35.40 (reg. $59)

This is just an itty bitty (????) sampling of what Nordstrom can offer. But these brands are some of the most sought-after for accessible lingerie: Cosabella, Wacoal, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney…

Okay, I can’t do this to myself anymore. There are 24 perfectly good reasons in this post to check out the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, and if you think all my favorites suck, you should go check it out to find all of the things that are actually cute and silently rub your good taste in my face!

Join the madness at Nordstrom.com!

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale ends on June 5th, 2016.