Join Me & OLAY for an #Ageless Twitter Party on Friday, November 4th!

This post was sponsored by OLAY, a brand I’m proud to work with, and I have been compensated fairly. Please see our disclosure page for more info about sponsorships. 

When you think of affordable anti-aging skincare products, what is the first brand that comes to your mind? 20 million women around the world are saying “OLAY!” I’m excited that OLAY has sponsored B&B to help promote their Twitter party tomorrow where they’ll discuss their impressive #Ageless campaign.

On Friday, November 4th at 11am PST, OLAY will host a big, huge, chatty event on Twitter, and if you can make it, you should! Just pop in and get the good parts from OLAY’s Twitter page.

For those who haven’t seen the #Ageless campaign, OLAY is fostering discussion about aging in relation to women. Working with, they polled 6,800 women to discover that 8 out 10 women they polled said they think “chronological age will continue becoming less relevant.” Women are starting to care less about what’s “age appropriate!” That’s such good news! It’s very cool for a skincare company to be discussing aging in such an assertive way, and admirable that they do so by backing it with science.

skincare ingredients for anti-aging

Considering OLAY was started by a chemist who wanted to provide his wife with skincare products that actually did something, OLAY’s investment in science is an important one. They continue to research skin’s aging processes with the intention of “unlocking the secrets” of caring and maintaining that particular aspect of skin. Doing thousands of clinical studies annually and using thousands of women as your springboard is a great way to produce consistent, successful results. It’s just science!

I’m running into my 30s and have been performing skincare acrobatics (both flying and flailing) since I was about 25. I chose to live a bit of a rock & roll lifestyle in my perfect skin years, and then smoked cigarettes for over 10 years before quitting in 2013. Admittedly, I sped up my own timeline and now I’m caring for skin that needs some extra TLC. Thankfully, my mom is a major babe with unbelievable genes that I’m lucky to have, so I need to take extremely good care of what I’ve got! Skin as you age - OLAY Ageless

As part of the #Ageless Campaign, people of all walks of life are encouraged to participate in OLAY’s social project. Along with your membership, you’ll receive coupons,

Enough spoilers! Join me on Twitter with OLAY and some other sparkling personalities to learn about OLAY’s efforts through the #Ageless campaign, and chat about skincare!

Twitter Party starts November 4th at 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET!

Probably watching Netflix.