Old Navy Has Surprisingly Adorable & Hard Working Activewear

After strolling through the mad house that was my local Ulta during 21 Days of Beauty, I quickly decided to pop in on an “old” friend: Old Navy.

Due to the extreme amount of outdoorsy-ness that I accumulated late in my twenties, I’m spending an awful lot less time sweating onto crumb rubber in the gym and a whole lot more time outside, sweating directly onto branches and small woodland creatures.

Obviously, activewear works for any kind of workout, be it in a gym, forest, or otherwise, but when I was hiking a mile out to the most northwestern point of the lower 48 United States last weekend, I realized that not all leggings were created equal – and bras are most definitely to be carefully selected on days of unpredictable adventure… My cute pink balconette bra has been an unfortunate choice on more than one rigorous hike, and this weekend was no different.

In fact, let’s just jump right into bra talk because I was seriously impressed with Old Navy’s sports bra offerings. I’m chesty, so I’m usually the first person to yell about how important support is when it comes to sports bras. When I saw that Old Navy doesn’t just label bras by their support strength, but also organizes them in-store from “light support” to “maximum support” – I was straight up gleeful.

Old Navy Activewear Light Support Medium Support Sports Bras

There are more styles of the lightweight support bras, but what else is new. Each support level has at least one size, and that alone is phenomenal for such an affordable store. The designs are far from unfortunate, so there’s definitely a lot to be happy about. Personally, if Old Navy Active wanted to take the Blurred Blue Long-Line Sports Bra (above, far left) and make an entire line of clothes to match, there’s a very good chance they would end up in my gym bag.

Aside from the long-line bra, the lightweight support offerings include a Seamless Sports Bra, which comes in a ton of different colors, and a Ruched, Cami-Style Sports Bra. The Medium Support Racerback Bra reminds me of Cindy Crawford’s workout video from the 90s. In reality, it was probably 100% Calvin Klein but the sports bra she wore was identical to this medium support bra from Old Navy, so.

Old Navy Activewear High Support Maximum Support Sports Bras

For high and maximum support sports bras, these are pretty cute, right?! The high support bra is racerback, and the maximum support bra is a cross-back. Each of these bras have somewhat molded cups which help to stabilize your business. The Maximum Support Sports Bra was one of the pieces I almost couldn’t let go of. I was drawn in by the design, but the hook-and-eye closure plus the actual bra-style cup sizing made me see stars. The High Support Racerback Sports Bra has those cool contouring lines that make you look like you’re from the future. Definite bonus and I’m pretty sure that they make you fun faster.

The lightweight, medium, and high support bras all come in sizes XS-XXL, and the maximum support bra is delightfully sized by cup and is available in sizes 32-40 B-DD.

Old Navy Active Workout Outfits

(Clockwise from top left)

If you’ve always wanted to be one of those chicks who works out so regularly that they easily justify having multiple workout outfits, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Old Navy’s offerings. Instead of buying high end activewear brands or initiating into the Lululemon cult, grab some of these adorable sets from Old Navy and be sure to put on some faux diamonds and lip liner before you take off on your speed walk with Barb from down the street.

Clearly, you can see that there are some seriously awesome leggings going on in this section, as well. In fact, it’s probably why you’re here, let’s be real.

Old Navy Active Leggings

(Clockwise from top left)

Once again, there are different levels of activity prescribed for each pair of leggings, and everything from high performance to simple base layer leggings are available. Some are extra stretchy with no compression which is great for weight training or walking, there are nearly 100% cotton leggings for yoga and sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

I’m just kidding, all of these leggings are good for sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

My favorite, for fabric reasons, are the Go-Dry Colorblock Yoga Leggings, which have a little bit of everything (spandex, polyester, and cotton). Also, that dual-tone, super-light lavender color is rocking my yoga-boat in a big way. Obviously, the winners of the pattern award goes to the High-Rise Patterned Compression Leggings. That bright blue, watery or possibly cloudy pattern is so pretty but still neutral but still interesting but not really flashy. You know, perfect. Second place goes to the pair just to the right, which are the Go-Dry Compression Mesh-Trim Crops, and that beautiful pattern is called Rose Colored Glasses, and a brief third place mention goes to the Looking Glass pattern on these adorable Loose Fit Printed Running Shorts!

There are two pairs of Old Navy’s Go-Dry Cropped Compression Leggings in that image, the two in the upper right. (Compression is supposed to help with blood circulation while you’re exercising). The  are a little bit more special than the others due to their UPF40 protection.

There are loads of colors, patterns, shapes, and fabrics that I couldn’t fit in this page, so view all of Old Navy Active’s leggings here and the rest of the Old Navy Active section here!

Probably watching Netflix.

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