Review no.2: PajamaJeans Return in Corduroy!

The first time I tried PajamaJeans, I have to admit that I held a healthy amount of skepticism upon receiving the package. Having seen so, so, so many “jean leggings” that look like a child drew jeans onto thin tights with a blue crayon, I was ready to be lightly disappointed – instead, I was totally converted.


They convinced me of their comfort meets tricking the public power with their denim line, but when they released the corduroy PajamaJeans – well, I got nervous again.

PajamaJeans Corduroys - 12

This time, my shreds of doubt had less to do with my faith in PajamaJeans and more in my historical relationship with corduroy. It took one pair of unintentionally-skin-tight GAP corduroy jeans in 2001 for me to learn that this fabric simply wasn’t meant to be on my (then: awkward and baby-fatted) body. I haven’t so much as glanced at a pair since then.

So stepping into these vibrant teal PajamaJeans Corduroy Skinny Jeans was a big step. A big, beautiful, comfortable, really easy step.

PajamaJeans Corduroy Skinny Jeans - 10

PajamaJeans Corduroy Skinny Jeans - 25

As with the denim PajamaJeans, these have all five pockets, which further masks their luxuriously comfy secrets from the rest of the world. The only thing you could really do to give your PajamaJeans away would be to wear them with a crop top, or something else that exposes the fact that there’s no fly – just a drawstring.

Each pair retails for $59.99, but every time I look at the site, I seem to catch them on sale for only $39.99. Right now is one of those times. They’re durable and stylish enough for me to say that they’re worth paying at least the sale price for.

PajamaJeans Corduroys Drawstring Waist

Quick shout-out to my close, personal friend Bernie Sanders and Bern The White House who made this cool Ramones-inspired Bernie shirt!

PajamaJeans Corduroy Skinny Jeans - 44

One of the other big ways that PajamaJeans impressed me was their ability to be cuffed at the hem. I spend pretty much all summer looking like Tom Sawyer with my pant legs rolled up to various lengths. I find it perfectly acceptable to wear cuffed pants with everything from bare feet to high heels, so it’s important to me that it doesn’t look like a spa bathrobe underneath my “jeans.”

PajamaJeans cuff like champions, and have all the right details, including the telltale denim seams.

PajamaJeans Corduroys

PajamaJeans Corduroys

Since they’re so stretchy, the cuff stays up really nicely and never becomes a floppy hoola hoop around your ankle. Is there anything worse? (Famine. Oppression. Remakes of 90s films.) …Okay, maybe it’s just really annoying. If you are anti-cuff and/or hate skinny jeans, the corduroy PajamaJeans also come with a boot-cut leg!

The available sizes are awesome: XXS-3X. Pretty much everyone can have PajamaJeans – there’s even a men’s section.

Lastly, I want to comment on how beautiful this teal color is. I had three beautiful colors to choose from: teal, merlot, and honey (which is more like honey mustard) and now wish I had all three. I also just spotted some velvet pants on sale in their shop and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need those, too.

See all of the PajamaJeans style here!

Probably watching Netflix.