Dedicated: The Shoes You Are Meant to Have

Okay, so shoes and destiny have nothing to do with each other, but there’s definitely discrepancy between the shoes I have and the shoes I feel like I’m meant to have. Whenever I find a pair of shoes that really blows my socks off, I usually end up talking myself out of it, citing their “cost per wear” inefficiency or the general irresponsibility of buying anything other than a mountain of black flats. (For some reason, in my mind, black flats are the most conventional, safe, reasonable footwear in existence. They’re the sliced white bread of shoes.)

Outfit: Sorry We're Cool - Buckle Heels

My gorgeous strappy heeled sandals from this outfit post.

When I was younger and just starting to learn how to be irresponsible with money, Zappos was my kingdom. Countless lunch breaks would be spent scrolling through the clearance section, looking for the most outrageous, exciting, and eye-catching shoes under $50. Honestly, that activity was one of the foundations of Broke And Beautiful! I would find such good deals on amazing shoes that I would feel compelled to share them, and that’s when I created this blog nine… years… ago. Wow.

I want to get back to that excitement. I want to look at a pair of shoes and feel deeply giddy. But, at 30 I’m not even close to the same person I was at 20 (thank God). I need to do some soul searching, maybe some closet digging, and figure out where my glamorous side is and what it likes.

Or, maybe I’ll skip all of that and just take this quiz.

Courtesy of Shoe Zone – click here to see the full Shoe Quiz.

I am ready to make a commitment to my closet and my creative side to bring back the exciting shoes. Brightly colored heels, strappy sandals, tall platforms, and funky fabrics are all welcome on my shoe rack. My black boots and brown oxfords will still have a home here, but they’d better make way for the influx of creativity boosting kicks!

Is there a pair of shoes from your past that you wish you still had? What is your current shoe style?