Review: Super Soft & Affordable Winter Basics from DAWGS

I hope that some of you got some good, comfy surprises for yourself during the DAWGS Black Friday Sale! There were more cozy winter basics in that sale than anywhere else I shopped on Black Friday.

DAWGS is famous for their microfiber boots, which come in all heights and styles, but my favorite thing about DAWGS is their two-packs of fashion basics. I picked up the DAWGS two-pack of Agiato Fleece Leggings (which are just about as great as they sound) and the DAWGS two-pack of Agiato lightweight, tunic-length cardigans. Agiato is the brand, not some fancy product name, by the way. DAWGS works with only a few tried & true outside brands like Agiato and Steven Craig. Both brands offer really nice basics like tanks, leggings, polo tees, v-neck tees (which you can also get in packs ?), and cardigans.

DAWGS gave me $50 to play with and I got two pairs of leggings and two cardigans. On top of that, I had enough left over to scrape their sale section and grab a pair of extremely discounted faux leather wedge sandals. Yes, they are the same ones I wrote about on Thanksgiving! They are still available at that crazy 85% off price of $14.99 in several styles and all sizes.

Thank goodness for stores people aren’t obsessed with… yet. I know, I’m ruining a good thing by sharing this shop but I can’t help it – it’s literally my job.

DAWGS Fleece Leggings Review

Once I saw the fleece leggings on the DAWGS website, I knew it was inevitable that I was going to pick them. Not only were they only $14.99 on sale from their $50 retail price, but they were fleece.

There were several 2-packs of the fleece leggings with different combinations of black, grey, and navy blue leggings. If you love all three colors, there is a 3-pack for you for only  The blue and grey leggings called out to me because I don’t have any leggings that color. It was embarrassingly hard not to choose black fleece leggings, but if I get another pair of black leggings, my boyfriend is kicking me out of our shared dresser.

When these fleece leggings showed up at my house, I was kind of worried that I’d been duped. They looked like basic, normal leggings – where is all the fleece?! Why aren’t the leggings beefier? Thicker? Full of… fleece?!

Then I put them on.
Then I left them on.
For three days.

I’m 100% a “leggings are pants” person, despite my sordid past as an elitist fashion person. These days, I love being comfortable, and I love being able to move around. I hike one to three times per week, and as a style blogger, that’s another opportunity for creativity. But in December, it’s also an opportunity for my ladybits to completely freeze off, so form needs to meet function in a major way once winter strikes.

The inside of these fleece leggings feels like newborn cloud fur… or a knit sweater made from fuzzy kittens… or maybe like soft, cotton candy astroturf all along my legs, and the insulation is no joke, either. I’ve gone on long forest walks several times since I received these and they get the job done. On the coldest day, I layered a high-performance thermal legging underneath and I might as well have been wearing sweatpants. Comfy, sleek, navy blue sweatpants that look really cute with boots.

Another feature of these leggings that I love: they are high waisted leggings.

As a short-waisted person (meaning the distance between my boobs and my natural waist is like… 3 inches), high waisted pants of all kinds are my friends.

The two-packs of Agiato fleece leggings are all $14.99!

PS: My boots are Khombu rain boots from Marshalls! ($24.99) They’re no longer available, but these Khombu boots are similar and only $29.

DAWGS Lightweight Cardigan Review

Okay, I might be the minority here, but cardigans are out of my comfort zone. That might actually be an oxymoron, because cardigans are notoriously comfy – even I know that! But they also have a reputation of being hit-or-miss when it comes to layering. Some cardigans are made of fabric that layers so poorly, or adds unnecessary bulk, or have an awkward length… There are so many types of cardigans, I always kind of back away when I’m confronted with the thought of wearing one.

Agiato has tons of cardigans, and the two-pack idea is brilliantly executed here, too. I picked the grey and black two-pack of long cardigans.

Due to being busty, some cardigans make me look like an elderly substitute teacher instantly. I’m very conscious of looking “matronly” because I’ve had the body of a 35 year old woman since I was 19, and my curves can make me look older if they’re not dressed properly.

These lightweight cardigans are incredibly lightweight. A stretchy, thin fabric like this is great for certain types of layering, but imperfect for others. For instance, wearing this over a thick, vintage t-shirt would be a lumpy disaster. But over my favorite cropped tank, the length and the thinness are a perfect match.

This is kind of what I expect a “boyfriend cardigan” would be like. It’s long, flimsy, and just kind of gives a laid back, draped, slouchy look to anything you wear with it. Personally, I like that. It means I can wear some fancier stuff, like sequined tops or metallic things, and damped the formality with a long, thin, cardigan. These would also take well to belting if you’re the type to belt a cardigan.

My only issue with these is that I found a thread snag on the shoulder of the black cardigan in my two-pack. It’s not structurally compromising or anything, but it was very, very visible and I’m still not sure how exactly to deal with it.

This is actually just the second longest cardigan style that DAWGS offers, and it hits me (5’6″) in the top quarter of my thighs. I love how long they are, they make me feel like I’ll never accidentally flash someone with a tiny b-crack when I bend over. I’m always hyper-aware of my body when I wear cropped stuff, so the longer the cardigan, the better. Wearing a crop top is enough of a risk in itself. I like to wear a long cardigan over all of it while I beam with pride over my own bravery.

Sadly, all of the long cardigans like this one are sold out. I’m sure they’ll be back in stock soon, but there are also waterfall cardigans, normal-length cardigans, duster-length cardigans… and velour sweatsuits that come in two-packs. You might not think that’s related to anything else I’ve said but it is 900% worth mentioning, IMO.

You can find these cardigans, leggings, and so much more on the DAWGS website!

As before, you can use the code SB60 to get 60% off of full-priced items on the DAWGS website!

Disclaimer: I received compensation from DAWGS in exchange for my honest review on their products, all of which I selected myself. 

Probably watching Netflix.