Schoola: Help Fund Educational Charities by Thrifting

I know, I know – another secondhand clothing website. Don’t worry, this post won’t go on and on telling you how it’s a special snowflake and different from other secondhand websites (even though it totally is).

If the name of the brand didn’t give it away immediately, Schoola sends 40% of its proceeds to school- and education-focused organizations like VH1 Save the Music, which supports music education programs, and Girls on the Run, which focuses on empowering young girls through experienced-based education which integrates running into the curriculum.

On top of that, they partner with 30,000 schools and have brought over $100,000. In 2015, they partnered with The Malala Fund which is, of course, named in honor of co-founder and Nobel Prize winning 19 year old, Malala Yousafzai who has made incredible waves for women, education – basically she’s one of our generation’s symbols of human compassion and progress.

Schoola also offers a pretty comprehensive kit to kick off a clothing drive/fundraiser at your school. They allow you to submit the school of your choice to be considered for support. That’s where many of the clothes come from, after all! Best of all, whenever the money you spend gets sent to an actual school, you get an email with details about the school, and how much was sent. How fun is that?!

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My sweater collection increased recently, and it’s all thanks to Schoola.

Schoola Grey Stripe Aqua Seam Sweater

In my first order, I picked up some of the cutest sweaters I’ve ever seen – I can’t believe these hadn’t been purchased by the time I got there!

Schoola Tiger Sweater - 2

Prices, in comparison to other sites like Poshmark and ThredUp, are low. Schoola is so generous, they even sprinkle coupon codes in between products while you shop.

Schoola Coupons In Products

In fact, I just used that coupon to get 30% off of a $30 order. (The code is now expired, in case you’re reading this post in the future!)

Fair warning about brands: alongside Target brands, Banana Republic, and J. Crew clothes, you’ll see a lot of your grandmother’s favorite catalogue brands like Coldwater Creek and Charter Club. Keep an open mind, though! And maybe… search by size and brand.

Each product entry is listed by its most basic qualities: brand, clothing category, and size. There are no item names or other details, so don’t expect to be able to search for Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings and get a decent result – don’t even search “high waist” or other partial descriptions, because that information isn’t entered anywhere on the site.

It’s also very important to note that your big fat wallet full of credits will work on pretty much any product on the site, except products that are brand new with tags – those can’t be discounted by any coupon or credit.

Schoola Grey Stripe Aqua Seam Sweater

In addition to sweaters, I also got a GAP zip-up hoodie, and an awesome printed thermal. I’m stoked! I can’t wait for my next order to get here, and when it does I’ll definitely be posting pics on Instagram!

Get started on your journey to helping schools by clicking here! Since you can rest assured that $2 of every $5 is going straight to schools, pick up a few extra items above and beyond your extreme credit discount.

Note: The title of this post used to be “Get $40 in Free Clothes from Schoola” through referral credits and a 50% off code, but a few days after I posted it, Schoola contacted me letting me know that they would be terminating the program that would allow it. Please forgive me if you tried the deal and it didn’t work, I apologize. I had no idea that they would be removing the program. 

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