Want: Sheer Tops + High Waist Shorts

Above image via Layers of Chic

That title is one of the least clear I’ve given you in a while but do you know what I mean? I might be hypnotized be all of the “festival fashion” emails I’ve been getting over the last month (so. many.), and despite my seething hatred for corporatized festivals, I can’t help but want to be a white girl desert hippie a little bit, too.

Buuut I also just love an excuse to wear something high-waist. That cut fits my body so much better than standard pant waistlines and the muffin-top risk is reduced by almost 100%. High-waist shorts also allow me to wear crop tops without the looming anxiety of having an exposed belly. Exposed bras, I’m fine with. I’m all about sheer tops and bra-visibility, but bellies are another story.

As for my lust for this outfit ideation, I don’t really have specifics on how see-through the tops with high-waist shorts are going to be. Actually, whether or not I really meant “tops” is still being worked out, too. It’s really all about the high-waist shorts.

Let me use these scarily beautiful people to help illustrate what I’m looking for in a more visual manner:

Neon Fox - High Waist Shorts & Mesh Top

Neon Fox

The Penny Closet - High Waist Shorts & Polka Dot Mesh Top

The Penny Closet

Sapphire Says: High Waist Shorts & Sheer Top

Sapphire Says

Nadja F: High Waist Shorts & Lace Top

Nadja F.

Those are such pretty humans, aren’t they? And they’re doing such a good job of making me want to wear what they’re wearing.

As you can probably tell, the length of the sheer top doesn’t really matter to me. You can make a really summery look either way, and judging by the tights in the last photo from Nadja F., potentially even take it into autumn. Sidenote: Does she have that shirt tucked into her pocket? Not sure if I’m going to be replicating that part of the look, but she’s definitely making it work for herself.

PS, If you’ve mastered the art of cutting your own jeans into the perfect denim shorts, please tell me your secrets. Mine always end up looking awful. They look like I took a pair of pants and attacked them with scissors and, well, I guess that’s pretty accurate. I want that cool, lived-in look and where the hell should you cut? Seriously, if you’re great at cutting your own jorts, get at me ASAP.

Budget-friendly Sheer Tops + High-Waist Shorts

ASOS Sheer Mix Top, $25 (was $36) 
LC Lauren Conrad High Waist Jean Shorts, $22 (were $44)

Willow & Clay Embroidered Split Back Tunic, $46.80 (was $78)
Missguided Tie Leg High Waist Shorts, $24.23

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ASOS Graphic Illusion Sheer Top with Caviar Beading, $16 (was $41)
Express Black High-Waist Button Fly Shorts, $29.94 (were $49.90)

ASOS Ultimate Lace Inset Blouse with Tassels, $29.50 (was $59)
Boohoo Nia Porcelain Print Skorts, $20