Summer-Friendly Two-Piece Coordinate Sets (& They’re Not All Crop Tops)

The gap between fashionable toddler and fashionable old lady have finally been closed. You can now wear 100% matchy-matchy and it’s not only acceptable, it’s fashionable. I’m someone who can’t wear a blue shirt with jeans without feeling like I’m committing some sort of high court fashion crime, and the idea of two-piece coordinate sets makes me feel like a small child in a pageant… But I’ve been thinking about them ever since I asked you all about whether or not you’d wear matching two-piece outfits in 2014. You said “um idk.” It was a fair answer.

And then I go to and see the most beautiful combination and coordinate sets – so I’ve started to feel like maybe there’s a chance I’ll look like Cher Horowitz in a matching two piece set, instead of an off-duty tennis instructor. After all, Cher was the queen of matchy-matchy, and… Wait, was Josh in prep school?! Nope, nevermind. He was in college so it doesn’t count. See the link above if you need to remind yourself how fantastic Cher’s wardrobe was. She’s kind of my inspiration for all of this! If you’re not obsessed with Clueless, my apologies, I will digress and move on. (Butyoucan’tdenyitstotallyrelevant.)

The majority of two-piece coordinate sets I’ve seen involve some kind of crop top. This… isn’t always appealing to me. In fact, it’s usually appealing approximately once per year when I try it out for a day and simultaneously delight and frighten myself with how wearable but also visible the look is. Tight crop tops and my bust don’t always get along, either, but I really like the look of fitted crop tops (aka minimal fabric stretch/cling) with high-waisted counterparts. At Boohoo I saw a surprising number of longer, looser crop tops with shorts.

Indy Placement Elephant Pom Pom Set, $35; Matilda Pom Pom Cami & Shorts Set, $35

Fifi Pom Pom Top & Shorts Set, $30; Simonne Pleated Swing Top & Shorts Set, $40

Of course, there are still countless options if you’re looking to slay the entire beach with your amazing halter & maxi skirt combo. There will always be room for uncomfortably sexy two-piece coordinate sets in my life. To me, that’s like finding an amazing burlesque act at a country club. Sauciness and preppy separates go very, very well together.

Further exploration of Boohoo’s two piece coordinates lead me to a whole new frontier of outfit sets. Forget the “one top and one bottom” formula, Boohoo has dresses, palazzo pants, knee-length dusters, and bandeau dresses to offer – and they’re chic as hell. (I hate using the word chic usually, but these are freaking chic, ok?)

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Audrina Tie-Waist Duster & Shorts Set, $52; Betty Bomber & Bandeau Dress Set, $52

A waist-tie duster with shorts?! Who thinks of this stuff? And why haven’t I ever, ever seen it before? It would be easy enough to wear something under the wrap-style, um, maxi cardigan but also wearing it open a little is kind of really attractive, and the shorts makes it even cooler since it plays with length and proportion.

The only bummer about these two-piece coordinate sets is that you only get to pick one size to cover both your top and your bottoms. I think it’s safe to say that the world doesn’t exactly work like that, so unless you happen to be extra proportionate, you’re going to have to find coordinates with pieces that are sold separately which is likely to cost a couple more dollars. Still worth it, though! (See below for more options like that from not-Boohoo.)

Are tennis sets getting the intense upgrade they’ve always deserved? I’d love to see people start getting more comfortable with matchy-matchy outfits. Which of these looks from Boohoo is your favorite? 

More two-piece coordinate sets here: