Dedicated: Three Things to Consider When Shopping Online

When you find a new website to shop online that just so happens to be full of clothing and accessories that you love, it can be all to easy to hit “Add to Cart” and overspend. Here are three tips that will keep your adrenalized shopping in check next time you stumble upon a budget shopping goldmine.

Imagine Each Garment in Your Closet

Instead of jumping at the first shiny dress that you see, you should take a moment to consider how many shiny dresses you already have. If you think about your closet as an outfit-creating machine, it’s easy to see whether or not a particular piece of clothing will fit into it or not. If you’ve already got three sequin dresses and two metallic frocks, maybe set that shiny sucker down and move on.

Double-Check the Size & Fit

Speaking of “fitting” into your wardrobe – you have to make sure that the clothing you’re thinking about buying fits you like a glove! If there isn’t a size chart available on the website you’re browsing, do a quick web search for the size chart for that particular brand. If you can’t get confirmation that the clothing in your cart is for sure going to fit you, send the shop an email, or if the waiting game is too hard, simply move on… Or go find the accessories department.

Beware of Shipping Prices

A teeny-tiny price tag means absolutely nothing if the shipping costs are astronomical! Putting a bunch of affordable, perfect clothing into your shopping cart is going to be heartbreaking if you get all the way through the checkout process and see that each order has a $10 shipping fee. Don’t be fooled – these businesses often get a break for using different post carriers exclusively – UPS, FedEx, or USPS will give a better rate to businesses, and an even better rate to business who ship through them exclusively.

Even if you score big playing pokies, value your hard-earned (or quick-earned in the case of pokies) cash and don’t let even the most affordable websites gauge you for any more dollars than absolutely necessary. These three tips will keep you in check next time the shopping bug bites you – leave your best tips in the comments!

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