Uber Tips & Tricks for Traveling During the Holidays

It’s absolutely amazing how quickly the holidays fly by after months and months of longing and anticipation. Within a week, pretty much everything you’ve been preparing for over the last three weeks (or more) is done and over with. Then, it’s all logistics.

Not having a car during the holidays can be unbelievably frustrating, especially if you have multiple destinations. Thankfully, we live in an ultra-connected world where you can literally push on the screen of the phone-computer that fits into your pocket and a car driven by a stranger will arrive out of nowhere to pick you up and take you wherever you need to go. Isn’t that freaking insane?! We are a lucky bunch of humanoids.

Uber, and other companies like it have completely changed the way that people travel. It’s so much easier to survive without a car now, even if you don’t live in the heart of a bustling city. These on-demand cars give so much control to someone who would previously relied on dodgy public transportation or exorbitantly expensive taxi cabs.

The holidays are an uber-popular travel time (see what I did there?), and the influx of various passengers that clog up the systems can cause serious stress and anxiety. Fear not, fellow anxious messes! The most famous of car services sent over these Uber tips & tricks for holiday travelers who might be using their service to get to and from their holiday events this year. Thanks, Uber, for these holiday hacks! We’ll all sleep a little better knowing that we have a ride if we end up stranded at Seatac Airport this year.

5 Uber Tips & Tricks for Holiday Travelers

1. Ride home free. Twice!

We’ve partnered with American Express to offer Uber users 2 free rides home (up to $65 off each ride) from 11 different airports in the U.S. through 12/31. That means saving up to $130 on rides from the airport!*

2. Schedule your ride.

You know when your flight is, and with Uber’s Scheduled Rides feature, you can now know that your ride to the airport will be waiting. Scheduled Rides gives travelers that extra assurance that an Uber will be available when you need it. You can request your ride 30 days to just 30 minutes before you need it. It’s super easy to use!

3. Skip the cab line.

When you open the Uber app at any airport to request a car, you’ll be prompted to input your exact terminal and door number to avoid any confusion. This saves you hours on the cab line and searching for your ride. Pro tip: taking UberPOOL home from the airport lets you share the cost by sharing the ride. And you’ll still get a guaranteed arrival time, so don’t worry about being late!

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4. Split your fare.

If you’re sharing your Uber ride with a friend to dinner, a holiday party, or the airport, it’s easy to split the fare right through the app. Once you’ve requested a ride, tap the arrow icon next to your driver’s info, select “Split Fare,” choose your friends, and tap “Send.” No cash, no Venmo, no problem.

5. Share & Snapchat your ETA.

If you’re riding to meet family or friends, avoid all the back-and-forth phone calls and texts by sharing your exact location on the road with one tap. Plug in your destination and tap the Share My ETA option. Select the people you’d like to share your location with and they’ll immediately get a text with a map to follow your ride!

And now, you can Snapchat your ETA within the Uber app! Simply scroll up and press “unlock filter” to open Snapchat. Once there, take a photo and swipe right to access the exclusive ETA filter, which will show your minutes until arrival.

*Eligible airports: New York: EWR, LGA, JFK; Boston: BOS; DC: DCA, IAD; Seattle: SEA; Houston: IAH; Las Vegas: LAS; Chicago: ORD, MDW.

This post was not sponsored by Uber.