My 10 Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks of 2017

Let me clarify: I’m not sending you my half used and almost gone lipsticks. I might be cheap but I’m not a monster!

Recently, I decided that it was time to be a big beauty blogger and finally organize my makeup. It was an unbelievably daunting task. Between the PR packages of wrong foundation shades and my own epic beauty splurges, I have a lot… of makeup. And about 50% of it is lipstick.

My affinity for lipstick goes all the way back to 1994, when I first stole my sister’s Clinique lipstick in Raisin (the quintessential 90s-white-girl brown). After that, I really came into my own with a Wet’n’Wild silver lipstick that, in hindsight, gave off a little bit more of an undead vibe than I think I would wear now. Don’t get me wrong – silver lipstick can totally work in the right environment. I didn’t know that foundation was a thing, but I thought my puffy ADIDAS jacket was a perfect match for a lipstick shade that’s usually reserved for high fashion editorial styling.

My 10 Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks of 2017

Throughout 2017, there were a handful (okay two handfuls) of lipsticks that ruled my life. Every day, I would consider stepping outside of my comfort zone and would get sucked back in to the familiarity and badass performance of these nine shades.

I might feel bad for all of the untried lipstick shades in my life if I weren’t so goddamn pleased with the ones listed here. That might make me a sub-par beauty blogger, but the fact that I’m giving all nine of these lipsticks away to one of you should make up for it… right?

NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar

This shade of came in a 3-pack of NYX Matte Lipsticks ($4) that I bought during a Macy’s sale. In case you haven’t tried them, NYX’s matte bullet lipstick formula is, like, really great. Considering the price is squarely in the “drugstore” range, this is as good as any MAC or Kat Von D matte lipstick for a tiny fraction of the price. A price that you won’t have to pay if you win this giveaway!

Whipped Caviar is a very interesting pink-purple color that definitely qualifies as a YLBB (Your Lips But Better) shade. It’s muted, so it’s not very bright, but the color is definitely unique. It’s not warm, and it’s not cool, so I guess it’s a truly neutral neutral.

If you’ve never tried the NYX matte bullet lipsticks, you’re in for a treat. These aren’t drying, but they are definitely long-wearing. I have the coordinating lip liner pencil in Whipped Caviar which extends the already long life of this lipstick. It goes on in a thin layer, but you will be able to feel the texture. It won’t move around after it’s on because you don’t need 100 layers to get a great color.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème in Beautiful

It wouldn’t be a complete favorites giveaway without my favorite drugstore liquid lipstick: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme ($9). This lipstick, if you aren’t sick of me gushing about it, out-performs most of the high-end liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried. It’s opaque, it’s not drying, it’s transferproof, it lasts for-ev-er, and it’s only $9! Their shade range isn’t enormous, but it covers most bases.

This shade, “Beautiful,” is like a classic, pin-up red lipstick. It’s bright but not fluorescent, and it’s a little blue-based for maximum flattery.

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Matte in Beast Within

If you don’t have a color-shifting liquid lipstick, let this Notoriously Morbid best-seller be your first. Beast Inside is a beautiful medium brown shade that would be lovely as a matte liquid lipstick alone. Instead, it has a striking fuchsia pink shift that’s visible whenever light hits your lips.

Notoriously Morbid’s Mystic Matte liquid lipsticks ($12) are very thin. The applicator is very stiff and long (heh) so you can effectively line you lips and fill them in with this very, very pigmented formula. It will dry down almost completely, though it probably won’t be transfer-proof. On the upside, the more you press your lips together after it dries, the stronger the metallic shift becomes. It’s a really gorgeous way to step out of your lipstick comfort zone!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

I’ve gone through no less than three tubes of this exact shade. It’s a light pinky taupe that works as a nude for a variety of different skin tones, including mine. This is the lipstick I reach for when I have a super dramatic eye look and don’t want to overpower my face with makeup.

The amazing thing about the Soft Matte Lip Creams ($6) is the texture. They are truly moussey when you put them on, then they dry down to a pillowy, non-drying matte that, in my opinion, becomes totally transfer-proof without feeling crispy or dry. The formula just sinks into your lips and it’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever worn. The lighter shades of the Soft Matte Lip Cream shade line are the best performers and Stockholm is easily the best nude shade.

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac

Lip exfoliators are crucial when you’re wearing as much lipstick as I am trying to force you to wear. I feel like my lips are extra dry already, and on top of it, my go-to when I’m stressed or anxious is basically to eat my own mouth. I have a lot of crusty dryness to deal with, and this lip exfoliator bullet from e.l.f. ($3) is the perfect way to deal with it.

It’s so easy to use – lip rub it on your mouth like any other lipstick! No need to dig your finger into a jar or get a special tool. Just swipe it on a few times and then rub your lips around. It’s kind of delicious, but you can just wipe off excess if you want. There are other flavors, too, like grapefruit, cherry, and coconut. It’s only $3 at the drugstore, but I’m not sure enough people know it exists. If you love it, and love how lipstick glides on super easily after you use it, tell your friends!

There’s also a special secret in this lip product. There is a color/flavor on the end of each tube. If you can get that little bugger off, you’ll be rewarded with some mediocre lip balm. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s super fun to know about this little secret compartment. (Milani bullet lipsticks have them, too!)

Wet’n’Wild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Rose

The most recent addition to this list is Wet’N’Wild’s Liquid Catsuit liquid lipsticks ($3). This line of lipsticks have the same kind of concept as NYX Lip Lingerie where the colors are all quite faded in a way that would be flattering on a wide range of skin tones. There are no “bright” colors in the line, everything has a dose of “nude” added to it, if that makes sense.

Rebel Rose is the first shade I tried from the line, and it went immediately into the makeup kit that I use every day. It’s rose-y, dusty, a bit lavender, and just a generally beautiful color. The formula of the liquid lipstick rivals my love for the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes from earlier. They dry down but aren’t drying, and you can easily move your mouth around with cracking and breaking up caked lipstick. It layers alright, too.

NYX Liquid Suede in Foiled Again

This list wouldn’t be complete without a power-packed, punchy, electric orange. As an orange lipstick lover, I’m confident when I say that this NYX Liquid Suede ($7) is one of the brightest orange lipsticks I’ve ever come across. It pops off the skin in such a way that makes it seem like it’s glowing. There’s no need to overline your lips with this shade, they will stand out (and look bigger) with just a couple swipes of the wand.

NYX Liquid Suede was my introduction to liquid lipsticks, and I have to tell you that it does not dry down. It’s not even close to transfer-proof, but it is incredibly comfortable. It stays put better than your average creme lipstick but it doesn’t restrict your mouth. It’s a very long-wearing formula, as well, and it wears off very nicely – even more nicely if you line your lips underneath.

Notoriously Morbid Slumber Salve in Vanilla Veil

Notoriously Morbid’s Slumber Salve ($4) is another product for the “lip repair” category. This lip mask pairs extremely well with the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. After you grind up your lips into hamburger meat, slather this on and go to bed. The scent is totally divine, and it’s also the most tame scent that Notoriously Morbid offers. Let’s just say this: if you’re a candy junkie, their whole line of scents and flavors are for you.

This is a heavy-duty, thick, luxurious lip balm that offers its best performance as a nightly lip mask. For extra credit, you can read my full, gushing review of Notoriously Morbid Slumber Salve here.

CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Honeyed Kiss

While I’m not usually a lip gloss kind of girl (long hair + windy location), I picked up this Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss ($8) and kind of fell in love. I love this gloss for all of the same reasons I loved the Buxom Lip Polish, but the price is way, way, way better. After all, Covergirl is a drugstore staple!

Honeyed Amber is a perfect basic gloss for newbies, and a wonderful splash of glimmery goodness for lip gloss lovers. With the current popularity of lip toppers, I can’t help but champion this gloss as the perfect way to add a gilded, juicy look to virtually any lipstick. It’s so neutral – clear with a white-gold sheen – so it would pair well with pretty much anything.

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Ruffle Trim

After I fell hard for NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks ($7), I had to get my hands on one. The first one I picked up was Ruffle Trim. It’s a faded terracotta color that adds a little bit of a low-key antique vibe to whatever you’re wearing. It’s kind of like adding a sepia filter to your lips. It’s not an unnatural color, but it’s definitely warm, slightly deep, and cinnamon-y pink.

The Lip Lingerie formula is excellent. It dries down completely and becomes completely transfer-proof. It doesn’t wear as long as some of the other liquid lipsticks in this bundle, but it does a damn fine job for the duration of its wear-time.

That’s it! Those are my ten favorite lipsticks, and I want you to have them. The total value is only $63 because they’re all affordable (surprise?), but they’re my favorites, nevertheless! I already have them packed up in a cute box, ready for their new home!

If you’re like me, you want to see all of these colors together to really get a feel for the true value of this giveaway.

I wish I had a favorite cool, purple shade to round out this selection, and maybe a really dark, vampy red… But I’m still on the hunt for those.

But for now, I am extremely excited to give you guys some actual, real life appreciation for all of the support you’ve shown me over the years. If you just found your way here because you sniffed out this massive giveaway, no worries! You’re part of the crew now, and I appreciate the hell out of you, too.

This is totally hashtag #nonspon, by the way, so please consider the fact that I bought these for you and it’s like really rude to turn down a gift so you should enter on principle, right? Right.

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