35+ Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Find In Stores Now

Are you like me? Did you wait until the last minute to buy your mom something awesome for Mother’s Day? Do you have a crippling fear of appearing ungrateful? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. I have come up with a gigantic list of kind of mind-blowing and most of all affordable Mother’s Day gifts that can get to you quickly enough to keep you looking smart in Mom’s eyes.

Everything in this post is available in the web shop’s corresponding brick-and-mortar store (while supplies last, of course), so if you see something you love here, you’ll be able to run out and grab it. This is especially true for the big box stores as they tend to have a very consistent inventory across stores nationwide. I don’t know anyone who can regularly afford express shipping, so we’re not even going to try!

But what are you gonna get her?! Luckily, I got my hands on some scientific data that I made up, so I have the 411 on what moms everywhere are looking for. (Instead of 411, should I be saying, like, “I’ve got the Yelp on these hot new items” or something? I’m turning 32 tomorrow, and I no longer trust myself to say hip and cool things.)

The Best Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms dig accessories, that’s fact number one. The traditional Mother’s Day gift is some kind of jewelry. I love the challenge of finding gift-worthy jewelry at affordable prices, don’t get me wrong, but I also like the idea of shopping outside the Mother’s Day gift box. After all, there’s way more in the world of accessories than jewelry! And by that, I mean handbags. Cute tiny handbags. Farmer’s Market no-one-steals-your-stuff handbags which are also conveniently handbags that we can afford. I found some good handbags options at every store I went to, so if you want to go that route, you get to be picky about it!

This gigantic list is organized by store so it’s easy to figure out where you need to stop on your way home from work today. DON’T FORGET!

Nordstrom Rack

(Find your local store)

Steve Madden Zip Around Travel Wallet, $48 $24.97

Urban Expressions Lucy Mini Flap Convertible Faux Leather Clutch, $40 $19.97

Okay, so… remember what I said about jewelry? Forget it. Just pretend I never said it. Why? Because I found some really pretty jewelry stuff at these stores, and I would be remiss if I didn’t put them into this post. So, um, JEWELRY ISN’T SO BAD AFTER ALL GUYS! Now forget all of my flaws and look at these:

Nadri 18k Gold Plated Mother of Pearl Star Necklace, $58 $24.97

Lucky Brand Sterling Silver/Rose Gold Seahorse Cuff, $49 $19.97

Lucky Brand Sterling Silver/Rose Gold Stacking Rings, $45 $19.97

Lucky Brand Kissing Bird Pendant Necklace, $45 $22.97

Madewell Etched Shield Ring, $28 $14.97

August Hat Forever Floppy Brim Hat, $28 $14.97

Copper Wire Wrapped Apothecary Jar, $24 $9.97


(Find your local store)

You’re bound to find something awesome at Target just about every time you set foot in the place. Last time I stopped by, I was lucky to leave with only a few sports bras and a new pair of boots.

The prices here are obviously a little bit lower, but there isn’t much sacrificed when it comes to style or quality.

Merona Mini Speedy Satchel, $19.99 $15.99

Mossimo Supply Co. Faux Leather Crossbody Handbag, $12.99 $10.39

Merona Double Strap Wrap Watch, $16.99 $13.59

Sugarfix Baublebar Spike Ear Jacket Earrings, $12.99 $10.39

Threshold 20ct Mason Jar Solar Fairy Lights, $24.99

Nate Berkus Gold Vanity Mirror, $19.99

All You Need is Love Wall Sign, $24.99



(Find your local store)

Another fact? All moms love beauty and skincare products. But I think a lot of moms feel like they need to leave makeup behind and just “focus on skincare” as they age. Boring! Don’t get me wrong, skincare is awesome and tons of fun, but I like to encourage my mom to think less about what’s “age-appropriate” and more about what her creative little heart wants!

If she loves skincare more than anything, though, just get her skincare. But if she’s always complimenting your glitter liner or purple lipstick, give the woman what she wants! More succinctly: buy her the stuff that she won’t buy for herself.

Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip Set, $28

Stila Magnificent Metals Duochrome Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow, $24

Benefit Highlighter Hotshots Set, $18

Nails Inc. The Soft Metals Nail Polish Collection, $19

Nest Eau de Parfum Rollerball Trio, $22

If you reaaallllly want to get her skincare, at least get her the good stuff.

Murad Polish, Plump, and Protect Skincare Set, $20 $15

Milk Makeup Cooling Water and Sunshine Skincare Set, $24

TJ Maxx

(Find your local store at the bottom of the page)

I’ve been a Maxxinista (ew @ that word but yes @ that concept) for almost a decade. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are very, very close friends of mine, and the treasures you can discover in those stores are numerous and astounding. I’m not kidding. If you end up going to an actual TJ Maxx after reading this post, just be warned: you will leave with more things than you planned to leave with.

Lodis Leather Rosalia Double Zip Pouch, $36 $19.99

Stone Mountain Mini Charging Handbag, $40 $24.99
(Guys this handbag charges devices! It has a removable USB charger!)

Ten Strawberry Street Two Tone Bowls, $28 $19.99
(Oh my god the matching mugs are everything I’ve ever wanted.)

Cravings by Chrissy Teigan, $18 $14.99

Scentsational Jarred Candle in Tobacco & Vanilla, $13 $7.99

Enchante Metal Lattice Wooden Crate, $24 $16.99

Special Section: Caffeine & Wine

Moms love caffeine and wine. It’s the reason you and I made it past childhood! Whether it’s tea or coffee, whiskey or wine, every mom needs a beverage arsenal.

If you want to take a tip from me, The Official Broke & Beautiful Coffee Advocate, I suggest you hook up your mom with everything she needs to make the perfect DIY iced mocha at home – that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

A cool wine-related gift that I’ve recently discovered is Vinebox. Every month, they send you a set of these gorgeous vials of imported and exclusive wine. Each vial contains approximately one glass of wine, chosen specifically for you based on your preferences and curiosities. Opening one of these subscription boxes will make your mom feel like a Bond Girl, and you can easily gift her one on their website. The lowest price is $27/month for 3 months, so if you have siblings, this is a perfect joint, digital gift for your wine-o mom! (You’ll get a discount for a longer subscription, just FYI.)

But if you’re already shopping at one of the stores in this post, consider fueling your mom’s addiction with some of these little trinkets. I also added stuff from World Market in this category, and you can find your local Cost Plus/World Market by entering your zip code into the bar at the top of their homepage.

Godinger Made in India Agate Bottle Stopper, $18 $9.99
(TJ Maxx)

Cast Iron Teapot Warmer, $12.99 $9.74
(World Market)

Numi World of Tea Gift Box, $24.99 $18.74
(World Market)

222 Fifth 3pc Tea Set, $45 $24.99
(TJ Maxx)

Gold Stemless Wine Glasses in Two Styles, $23.96 for set of 4
(World Market)

Jordan Carlyle Marbled Silver Mugs, $22.99 $14.99 for a set of 2
(Nordstrom Rack)

Ten Strawberry Street Glitz Pineapple Mug, $9 $4.99
(TJ Maxx)


Good luck locking down that Mother’s Day gift before Sunday! Save this post to bring with you to the store if you find anything you love.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?

Probably watching Netflix.