40% Off Site-Wide at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Oh, of course. Of course the day after I receive my order from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics‘ clearance section, they launch a winter blowout sale to end all winter blowout sales: 40% off site-wide, no code necessary, for five full days.

That’s just my luck.

But it’s great news for you! Nothing is more fun than shopping on OCC’s website. It makes you feel like a makeup artist even if you’re a weak little pleb like me!

I’m so far from being good at makeup (getting better every day!), but cruising around the OCC website feels like shopping for oil paints. The best part about it, too, is that when you get the products and try smashing them onto your face, that artist feeling totally follows you. Especially given that OCC has one-of-a-kind products that are intended to tweak and alter colors you already have – like this black & white lip balm topper.

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When I tried my two lip tars on for the first time, the pigmentation plus extreme opacity and the thinner texture made it feel just like painting. All of the colors I picked were beautiful, spring colors and it was really like painting the color of a peony right onto my face. It was a magical little moment between me and my Lip Tars, I guess.

Speaking of Lip Tars (we reviewed OCC Lip Tars a while ago!), these are the ones you should¬†really be considering from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Winter Blowout Sale because these lip tars are¬†only $10.80 each (were $18):

Strange & Unusual (metallic darkroom plum), Fleshworld (plum-toned rust), Grandma (clean classic coral), Black Metal Dahlia (blackened red with red pearl)

Stud (greyed aubergine), Rime (pale turquoise with gold shimmer), Anita (browned burgundy), Dash (muted rose-toned beige)

These Lip Tars are limited edition. There are a total of 14 limited edition Lip Tars, but these four top my list as the best, most versatile, most beautiful colors and right now they are also $10.20 each:

Kelly (peach pink with gold metallic), Lush (deep red-violet), Shoegazer (muted oxblood), Authentic (intense metallic copper) 

If you are terrible at making a decision about colors (like me), you may find solace in OCC’s pre-selected packs of three Lip Tars and a Lip Tar Lipstick Primer for $23.50 (were $39.50). There’s only one choice, so if you’re¬†really indecisive, just put it in your cart and go.

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Clearly I have an affinity for their lip products, but OCC makes other great makeup, too. I’ve tried their concealer before and liked it. This sale makes me want to try¬†new¬†things, though… And one of OCC’s newest products is their cosmetic¬†glitter which is $9 per jar¬†(was $15):

Mint (pale mint green), Mirrorball (disco silver with rainbow reflections), Spark (white with peach/gold reflect), Beige (deep gold beige)

One of my favorite ways to try new products from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is to pick up one of their many clever product bundles.

For a lip-kit-esque experience, OCC has bundled five Lip Tars with their matching lip pencils to create Lip Duo bundles! A $32 value for $14.40 each (were $24).

One of the most recent bundle releases is OCC’s Loose Colour & Glitter Trios.

These include three jars of pigment – two matte shades and one of the aforementioned glitters in a corresponding shade. ¬†There are only three bundles currently available. There used to be more, including one I had my eye on which is now apparently sold out (*queue sobbing*), but the three that are left are gorgeous, too. I’d suggest picking up this trio¬†for only $15.60 (was $26):

Golden Lights (Flickr + Dope Loose Colour + Gold Glitter)

They just have the best ideas, and the performance of their products makes these product bundles even more appealing.

If you’re into SFX or makeup artistry, OCC is truly like an art supply store for you. Take a look at this massive sale to see if there’s anything that you can live without!

Shop the OCC Winter Blowout Sale from now until 11:59 PM PST on 1/31/2017.