Dedicated: The 5 Best Things to Do Near Dabolim Airport

Goa as a place has no dearth of activities that it offers. From beaches to parties to adventure sports and everything in between, Goa is synonymous with fun. But what if you have a layover at the Dabolim Airport and only have a couple of hours to kill? Here are the five things you can do near the airport.

Visit Naval Aviation Museum

Located right next to the airport, the Naval Aviation Museum is one of its kind in the country. It is a small and compact museum, but it displays the naval aviation history of our country. There are a lot of exhibits on display here, and you can make yourself more educated by reading about them. A lot of real aeroplanes and helicopters are also on display here. The entry fee is very nominal, and you get a lifetime’s experience of viewing such majestic history and its parts from so close. It is located near to the airport and is one of the quickest and best things to go see if you only have a couple of hours to kill at the Dabolim Airport.

Take  A Stroll At Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach is essentially situated right in front of the airport. It is one of the more secluded beaches in Goa as more of the famous Goa beaches such as Baga Beach are far from the airport. This makes this beach one of the best things to go do if you are stranded at the airport. Even if you have a couple of hours to spare, it makes perfect sense to go out and visit this beach and take in all the natural beauty that surrounds this area. The beach is spotless and gives some fantastic views of the sea and the sun.

Kayaking and Canoeing

One of the hidden gems of Goa, the kayaking, and canoeing that you can do with Goa Kayaking is one of the most unforgettable experiences. If you plan in advance, you will only need at most three hours to go, enjoy and come back to the airport as this spot is situated not even one kilometre from the airport.

You are provided with training before going on the kayaks, and once you are off, you are welcomed by some of the most beautiful and most serene scenery that you have ever seen in your life. The beautiful green mangroves and almost backwaters like charm of the place make you fall in love at first sight. Be sure to download your favorite music playlists to make your adventure more cinematic!

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Enjoy Goan Food

If you only have a few hours to spare in your airport layover, the best and the cheapest thing you can do to enjoy some of the Goa is to head out and enjoy the local Goan cuisine. Many places are surrounding the airport which specialise in Goan cuisine and they will make you lick your fingers with their amazing delicious food which encompasses of local Goan flavours and is also inspired by the Portuguese cuisine.

Watch Sunrise At Hollant Beach

If you reach Goa in the morning, the best thing you can do near the airport is to go to Hollant beach which is very near to the airport and watch the sunrise. It is one of the best spots in whole Goa to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and will captivate you with its beauty.

These are a few things that you can do near the Dabolim Airport. Goa offers a good number of things to do otherwise, but if you are short on time, choose an option from this list and make the most of your time.