5 ideas for Cheap Nights in with Friends

What are the best times you’ve had with friends?  Was it the time you trekked half way across town to eat at some incredibly expensive trendy restaurant, where a bottle of wine between the four of you set you back as much as half a dozen bottles from M&S, the service was slow and the food mediocre?  Or was it the time a couple of your besties rocked up unexpectedly and you all made spag bol from fridge gleanings?  There is no correlation between the amount of cash you splash and the good time you have.  With a little planning, the chances are that a night in with friends is likely to be way more fun than that expensive night out where your high expectations are almost always disappointed.  At home, you’ve got a lot more control over the variables and as we all know, it’s the variables that stuff things up.  So, try these ideas for starters and then come up with some ideas of your own.  You may just find that your place is the hottest venue in town.

Movie Night

Netflix is a really economical way to access more films and box sets than you’ll ever be able to watch.  Do your research and become your own cinema proprietor.  Put together some double features that you know your friends will love; maybe a couple of old favourites or something a bit more leftfield.  If you’re feeling energetic then you can theme it and get your friends to dress up.  Or, you can just cook up a load of popcorn and get comfy.

Home Spa

Make up some homemade face masks, paint each other’s nails, whack on the soothing music and away you go.  Get a book on massage techniques and I guarantee you’ll be cracking up within minutes of trying to execute them.

Source: Unsplash

DIY Project

Productivity and entertainment.  What could be better?  The chances are there might be more entertainment than productivity but there you go.  Get your friends around to make decorations/prepare outfits, for an upcoming event, like T shirts for a charity run.  Or rope friends in to decorate the yard/garden ready for a themed barbecue.  Or paint up some old furniture together.  The only limit is your imagination.

Source: Unsplash

Poker Night

Turn your living room into Vegas for a night. Put together some cocktails and a few nibbles.  Dress Bond style if you want to get fancy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before, just print off the hand rankings and away you go.  And of course, there’s no need for money, use chips, sweets or if you want to play for really high stakes, gamble with favours: iou a babysit, a manicure, a cake…A couple of cocktails in and you’ll be bluffing with the best of them.

Source: pixabay

Bring a Dish Dinner Party

Everyone has at least one dish they can do really well, so why not have a dinner party where each course is someone’s speciality.  Ok so you end up eating five puddings, where can you get a restaurant that’ll serve you that?