16 Unbelievable Beauty Deals at Sephora Right Now

Jaws were dropping left and right as I scrolled through the sale section at Sephora. Some of these products were over 50% off… and for what reason!? No one knows?! …And no one cares. Let’s enjoy reaping the benefits of unexplainable sales together!

Okay, they’re not totally unexplainable. Lots of these items are from Holiday 2016 releases, but don’t let that stop you from wearing them in spring! Seasonal color trends are interesting, but barely qualify as guidelines. The packaging would be the only thing that would give it away as a holiday release, but who cares? Let it be Christmas all year if it means I get some awesome makeup for half off!

Here are the 8 best beauty deals in Sephora’s sale section:

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette$49 $24

Both internal and external screaming occurred when the B&B beauty crew saw this deal. (That’s only two people, right now, but it was still very impactful.)

If you haven’t seen these pressed pigment eyeshadows in action, I highly encourage you to check out these YouTube videos to see exactly how vibrant these are. The pigments really radiate on all skin tones, and can be manipulated and combined to create some unbelievably beautiful eye looks.

Tarte Kiss Bliss Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint & Liners 10 Pieces Set, $35 $25

Um, holy cow?! This is an incredible deal for someone who has been waiting for the perfect time to try out the Tarteist creamy matte lip paints! You’ll receive five mini lip paints, and five matching mini lip liners for only $25. This will keep you looking flower-petal fresh all spring!

The shades of Tarteist Lip Paint that you’ll receive are Bae, Fomo, Fab, Inspo, and Chill. The matching liners will be in the shades Thirsty, Rage, Vibes, Queen, and Meme. This is a $70 value for freakin’ $25! Jump on it, lipstick junkies!

Eyeconic: Every Day Makeup Brush Set, $39 $19

These beautiful brush sets always get me. Five beautiful brushes, all meant for eyes and under $20. Add in a peachy-pink faux leather case for all of the travels I daydream about while scrolling through Kayak.com in my pajamas, and I’m sold. No, it’s really more like take $20 off of the price and I’m sold. Luckily, that’s exactly what has happened here.

These are like the five core brushes I would recommend to a newbie makeup fan. I didn’t discover “fluffy blending brushes” until I was 27. This kit would have changed my life ten years ago! This set comes with:

– All over shadow brush
– Small shadow brush
– Angled shadow brush
– Rounded crease brush
– Flat liner brush

Some brushes are natural, some are synthetic so you get a nice mix of uses. Sadly, that also means they are not vegan.

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss, $22 $11

Lip gloss is famous for underpaying in the pigmentation department, but not when it comes to this line from Urban Decay. Their Revolution lipsticks are some of the most pigmented lipsticks I’ve used, so I have full faith in their gloss. Especially if they’re going so far as to call it “High-Color” – it better be good! (Judging by the 4+/5 star reviews… I’m guessing that they are.)

These two shades are the only two that remain, and I can’t say I’m surprised. That $11 price tag is a rare find for Urban Decay lip products, and these two are perfect for spring!

Smashbox Light It Up 3 Palette Lip, Contour & Eyeshadow Palette Set, $29 $22.50

Be still, my heart! What is this?! How come I have never heard of this incredible deal from Smashbox? I’m impressed by the retail price, so the sale price is kind of blowing my mind. This Light It Up kit comes with three makeup palettes: a contour palette, an eyeshadow palette, and a lipstick palette. Are you serious? This is awesome!

As a bonus, this is a collaboration with a neon artist named Meryl Pataky. The contour palette comes with a highlight, an ashy contour, and a bronzer. The lipstick palette has six lipstick shades in both cream and matte finishes. The eye palette is mainly full of purple and peach neutrals. I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Buxom 6° Below Sexy Lipgloss Set, $32 $24

Does that picture look familiar? Maybe that’s because I reviewed Buxom Six Degrees of Sexy lip glosses in late 2016!In my post, I broke down the prices of these ultra-popular Buxom Full-On Lip Glosses and this set of sparkle-infused glosses is an unbelievable value at $32, not to mention $24!

These are mini glosses, of course, but getting six different shades to try for less than $25 is a dream come true. Pink, plum, purple, peach… There’s something in there for everyone. Some of the shades are incredibly versatile while others are bold and statement-making. Either way, they aren’t sticky, and that’s what matters, right?

Becca Shadow & Light Brow Contour Mousse, $25 $12.50

Eyebrow gels, colors, or mousse, in this case, are always welcome in my makeup kit. As the facial element I struggle with the most when it comes to defining, new brow products represent hope. Could this be the one that makes my brows look like… brows?

There are two shade combos available at Sephora: Cocoa (for medium to light hair) and Mocha (for medium to dark hair). I’m pretty sure the pinky shimmer mousse (or “Arch Defining Cream” if you want to get technical) is the same in both shades.

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Foiled Lipstick Duo, $14 $10

Amuse Bouche is the perfect name for this lipstick because BITE Beauty’s whole philosophy is that their products are made with food-grade ingredients. These dual-ended editions have a classic Amuse Bouche lipstick on one end, and a metallic, foiled topcoat on the other. They can be used together or separate, but the end result is always gorgeous.

That white one confused me until I saw that it was called “Opal” and now I want it more than anything. Not to mention, the other side of “Opal” is “Jam.” “Jam.” Yes, please. And I will also take that delicious copper and mauve combo, too. Thanks.

Kat Von D Lightning Metallic Liquid Eyeliner, $20 $12

Kat Von D’s liquid liners are something of a legend amongst my friends who rock a wing every day of their life. This pen-with-brush-tip idea is brilliant. The liquid liner contained within can occasionally come out in “blobs” according to reviews, but there’s a fun workaround. This liner can actually be used as an eyeshadow as well as an eyeliner! So, it’s recommended that you dab your liner and brush around on a palette or plastic surface before stroking it across your lid.

The three shades that are currently in the Sephora sale section are Ludwig (metallic amber), Fyfe (khaki green with gold shimmer), and Hex (metallic burgundy with plum shimmer). If you’re a fan of warm tones, this is kind of a dream come true!

Buxom Stone Cold Babe Eyeshadow Palette Set, $42 $29

If the rumors about Buxom’s eyeshadows are true, then this palette is worth picking up ASAP. After trying their lip glosses (also in this post) and reviewing them, I got feedback from friends and readers that Buxom’s eyeshadows were top notch.

This is a basic palette that kind of reminds me of a Naked palette of Smashbox’s Full Exposure palette. Just a lot of neutrals in “diamond-to-coal shades” with matte and shimmer finishes, perfect for everyday use. It comes with Buxom’s Lash Mascara in Blackest Black to top it off.

Scouted by Sephora Beauty Favorites Collection, $24 $17

I am so weak for these product roundups that beauty stores curate. This is a set of beauty brands that Sephora wants to help elevate into the market view. The five products include Wander Beauty Carryon Lip & Cheek Crayon in Pink City, Makeup Eraser Mini, Bésame Cosmetics Red Lipstick Matchbook, Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara in Inked, and Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper.

If you’re looking for a whole batch of new and trendy things to try with very little monetary investment, this is perfect! I would get this specifically for that matchbook lipstick thing, if nothing else. Plus, Milk Makeup is so unbelievably trendy right now that it has my curiosity piqued! Everything else is totally new to me, but I’m interested…


Hakuho-do x Sephora PRO Makeup Brushes, $40-50 $25-35

If you’re not familiar with Hakuho-do brushes, they’re definitely worth Googling. As a luxury brand, Hakuho-do makes some of the best makeup brushes available. This collaboration with Sephora PRO made them cheaper, but finding them in the sale section is definitely a huge opportunity. Brushes similar to these three run for over $100 on Hakuho-do’s website, so if you’ve been waiting to spend some money on a real face brush – now is the time.

These three brushes are obviously multi-purpose, but from left to right: Fan Cheek Brush, Wedge Sloping Powder Brush, and Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush. All of the brushes are made with synthetic bristles that are made to be extra soft, but less absorbent than natural bristles.

Urban Decay Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette, $25 $20

Yes, another familiar item! Well, sort of. This is a Vice Lipstick Palette in Junkie, whereas the Vice Lipstick Palette I reviewed was the Blackmail palette. While the one I had was more tame, this one includes some exciting and adventurous colors that the Blackmail palette left out. Just look at that metallic teal green and those vibrant purples!

There are five different finishes included in these palettes – matte, ultra matte, shimmer, metallic, and sheer – so you can really get a feel for the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. The brush that’s included with the palette is retractable and fantastic. I use it as my go-to travel lip brush, and this is my go-to travel lipstick palette! I have all the options I could ever want for the times I’m away from my makeup kit.

Human + Kind Day + Night Face Cream, $35 $17.50

Perfect for lazy people who still want to say they’re taking care of their skin: day + night cream. Voila! All of your moisturizing needs outside of water: done. Nailed it.

You will still need a sunscreen, as this doesn’t provide any sun protection, but the rest is in the bag. This formula is packed with essential oils that deliver nutrients to your skin, and do their best to help protect it from the elements. Human + Kind makes very simple and effective skincare. This moisturizer is vegan, gluten-free, and hypo-allergenic so lazy girls of all walks of life can lazily take care of their skin!

Sephora x Pantone Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set, $28 $15

Okay, this is just cool. Maybe you don’t see an immediate need for five beautiful, ombré-able lip glosses, but you never know. Plus, these aren’t just frivolous rainbow colors, they’re Pantone colors, with the Pantone code right on the side of each tube. So, you know, you can tell people the exact PAntone shade name while sitting in your hipster bar with every other self-taught graphic designer with a Moleskine. “Um… It’s not yellow, it’s pale banana. Idiot.”

(That was me from 2010-2012, btw. There’s a reason I’m drawn to this gloss set. Deep down, I’m a filthy Pinterest hipster.)

These glosses have a high sheen formula that delivers a glass-like finish. There are yummy, hydrating ingredients in this gloss, like vitamin E and sunflower seed wax.

Cat Nap Sleep Mask, $14 $7

I don’t know about you, but I am a major sleep mask fan. Sometimes I keep weird hours that have the sun blasting my face off only 3-4 hours after I go to bed. But even when I have a normal-people sleep schedule, there’s something about the complete absence of light that just makes me feel ultra cozy and sleepy. It’s not just me, either, it’s how our bodies are wired!

Well, would you look at that? I’m fresh out of cat-shaped sleep masks, and have an immediate and desperate need for one. Good thing this little dude is under $10 and ready for my face! Goodnight, everyone!

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Probably watching Netflix.