The August POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a Special One!

It’s been over 6 months since I got my hands on a POPSUGAR Must Have Box, and the August 2017 box was a good one to snag! First of all, I get to offer you $10 off of your first box (instead of the usual $5) because it’s POPSUGAR Must Have’s 5th birthday! The coupon code is at the end of this post with the rest of the dirty details. In the meantime, here’s the loot!

POPSUGAR has been one of the best monthly boxes out there for a while now. Their brand partnerships are always changing up, but you definitely notice a few mainstays like Meri Meri (included in this box) and Kendra Scott. This month, however, they’ve included something a little bit different – a gift card! POPSUGAR has included discount cards and coupons before, but this is as good as cold, hard cash!

Shoptiques is responsible for this ($25) gift card, and it can be spent on anything in their wide network of stores. Shoptiques features fashion from local stores all over the country, so it’s kind of like shopping local… from wherever you are! This $25 will go pretty far in their sale section where markdowns are as low as $15. Fun excuses to shop for free are always welcome!

Next up, we have the POPSUGAR Must Have beauty offering.

Yes! Some First Aid Beauty ($38) was included in this box! Their lip balm is the most expensive lip balm I’ve ever purchased for myself, but it kind of hooked me on the brand. Just… not enough for me to actually buy some more, but here we go! The FAB Bouncy Mask has a bizarre and exciting texture. This will be a welcome addition to my ever-increasing skincare collection.

I guess a “bouncy mask” would be like the “bouncy castle” at a birthday party, right? So it’s not too far off-theme. In more direct Must Have box birthday offerings – it wouldn’t be a proper birthday party without candles!

This is another adorable item from Meri Meri ($7.50). They’ve shown up in past POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, and they always seem to have good ideas about how to make baked goods cuter. In this case, we have 24 long, lithe, glitter-filled candles and some proper candle fixtures. If you’re baking-inclined, tell me what kind of cake or pie these would look the most beautiful on!

Speaking of baked goods…

No POPSUGAR Must Have box is complete without snacks! This time, POPSUGAR sweetened things up with Goodie Girl‘s gluten-free, peanut-free chocolate chunk cookies ($2.95). I haven’t broken into this package yet (somehow) but judging from the weight of the package, I’m guessing it’s going to be a sweet, grain-free trip down memory lane.

Included in the box was a gorgeous rose-gold journal that was apparently included as part of a sponsorship by JEEP!

The covers of this Fringe Studio ($16) journal feel like leather, and the shine is so gorgeous and golden. This was a totally unexpected inclusion, but POPSUGAR always has some kind of paper surprise. A journal, though, is the ultimate paper gift, and this one is no slouch. A black ribbon will hold your place and each page is lined with “Follow Your True North” scrawled at the bottom. The edges of each page are a vibrantly metallic rose-gold, and the cover’s embossed beautifully. I can’t get over this journal!

I now can say that have something from Dogeared ($34)! I’ve been drawn to their simple, minimalist jewelry for years.

How cute is this friendship bracelet? The most ironic part of getting something from Dogeared is that it’s designed to be given away. It’s a friendship bracelet! I don’t just get to keep it, I’m going to give it to a friend! Sidenote: the fact that this is $34 is absolutely incredibly totally insane. That’s like .08g of sterling silver with 2g of cord. $34? What in the what? You’re lucky you’re cute, bracelet.

Last, but most certainly not least… The item in the box that was, in fact, as big as the box, itself:

This massive, lacquered tray by Pastel ($28) is completely holiday-theme-free, so it can be used all year round. Do you understand what a unicorn this is!? Usually, everything that says “cheers” has some damn holly berries or a “happy new year” hat next to it. This beautiful, shining tray only has dots! Dots are as neutral as it gets! Very smart, very usable, and very, very cute. (Unsurprisingly, it came from the same place as the cute journal up there: Fringe Studios.)

Total value of the August 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box:

I’ve gotten Must Have boxes with both lower and higher values, but I’m not complaining. Aside from that ridiculous bracelet value, this box included things that I really like, and will actually use. That’s an additional value in itself.

Now, to the part you’ve all been waiting for – that $10 off code! When you sign up for your first POPSUGAR Must Have Box, enter the code PARTY to take the price from $39.99 to $29.99! (Expires 8/31)

On top of that, POPSUGAR Must Have is running giveaways all month to celebrate their birthday.

  • Week 3 (this week!): Limited number of subscribers will win something from Kendra Scott.
  • Week 4 (next week): Limited number of subscribers will win something from Tarte Cosmetics
  • Week 5 (8/31): Grand Prize! Limited # of subscribers something from Cambridge Satchel Co + a 1 year Must Have Box subscription. 

The only thing you need in order to enter is to sign up for a POPSUGAR Must Have box. If this one (and our past POPSUGAR Must Have boxes) sold you on it, now is definitely a good time to get in on the game, both because of the giveaways and because of the ultra-rare $10 off code.

If you got this box in the mail this month, tell me what you thought of it in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • August 19, 2017 at 7:17 am

    I definately agree that while first aid beauty is pricey, its definately worth it! Ive been using their moisturizer forever! Great Post!

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