Beauty Steal: $10 Lorac Dance ‘Til Dawn Palette at Ulta

Everyone’s got their thing when it comes to beauty, and my wallet and I share an achilles heel: eyeshadow palettes. I spend a lot of time looking at palettes online, sorted Price: Low to High, in hopes of finding some sort of unbelievable steal that will allow me to justify treating myself when I decidedly absolutely do not need to treat myself… again.

So tonight, in my weekly perusal of my beauty bookmarks, I found a really, really  good deal–a deal good enough that I can’t even make excuses for not buying it!

Lorac Dance ‘Til Dawn Eye and Cheek Palette is on sale now at Ulta for $10 (was $19.00)!  

That’s nearly 50% off! And it’s a special online-only palette so you won’t happen upon it in stores.  If you order now and tack a couple more Lorac products on (for a total of $35), you’ll also get a free travel size bottle of Lorac’s Light Source Primer in Dawn.

Photo via Temptalia

You get six eyeshadows–three mattes, three “shimmers”–and two blushes.  I love the muted, classic colors in this palette.  While they all look kind of pale in the images on the Ulta website, “real life” photos and swatches show the colors to be really smooth and saturated despite how demure they are in tone.  I look forward to incorporating it into my “makeup I can wear to work as the only person under 40 in my entire office” collection, which is markedly smaller than my “goth champagne mom at the garage show” collection.

It also fits in well with my lowkey-yet-persistent 2017 resolution to attempt to figure out putting blush on my face, in that these blushes are subtle and lightly shimmery without being overpowering.  Seems like a very good place to start for a rookie like me.

  • Light Coral w/ Gold Shimmer Blush (shimmer)
  • Coral Pink Blush (satin shimmer)
  • Apricot Eyeshadow (matte)
  • Light Gold Eyeshadow (shimmer)
  • Orange Brown Eyeshadow (matte)
  • Light Brown Eyeshadow (matte)
  • Dark Brown Eyeshadow (shimmer)
  • Dark Purple Eyeshadow (shimmer)

While supplies last at, get Lorac’s Dance ‘Til Dawn Eye and Cheek Palette for $10!

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