Bedroom Inspiration: Make Your Room Comfy and Cozy for Cold Winter Nights

It’s time to officially say goodbye to warm evenings and welcome in those winter nights. If, like most of us, you’re not looking forward to getting your ridiculously expensive heating bill, there are some methods of keeping your bedroom comfy and cosy on these cold evenings.


Make sure your bedding is appropriate for winter by having some flannel sheets with comforters and extra blankets. You can even buy heated blankets for when you are really cold. An old-fashioned water bottle could also help you out when trying to warm up your toes.

If your bed feels uncomfortable and you can’t seem to get yourself cosy any more this could mean you need a new mattress. Get yourself over to Divan Bed Centre and find yourself a super comfortable bed that you can curl up in this winter.

Buy a Rug

Rugs are a great idea. Both carpet and area rugs are the best for keeping our feet warm, especially when climbing out of bed. Rugs were traditionally used for the winter months and stored away in the summer to help a room feel much warmer.
A bedroom will get a huge boost of warmth with a new fluffy rug.

Cushions, Cushions and More Cushions!

You can never have too many cushions. Throw cushions are a dream and they can add all kinds of colour and textures into a bedroom as well as making your bed feel so cosy. Mix together fluffy cushions, knitted cushions and some chunky cushions.

Get that Perfect Scent

Comfort and cosiness also come down to the smell of your bedroom. You don’t want it to smell fusty because you haven’t opened your window in about two weeks. Get yourself some candles, the Yankee Candle Christmas Memories is literally Christmas in a jar – highly recommended!

All the Pretty Lights

Got some fairy lights? Put them everywhere! Draped over your headboard, over a mirror or crumpled up in mason jars and placed around the room. Failing this, get yourself a nice lamp that lights up your room in a lovely glow without being too bright. Turn off overhead lighting for added cosiness.

Hang Peaceful Art

Art selections are, of course, a completely personal touch. But it is recommended to avoid colours such as red, orange, and deep yellow, also known as high energy colours. Instead, go for pieces that have blue, green or grey tones in it. It will help to create serenity in your bedroom.

Add Some Plants

Bringing the outdoors indoors is a good idea when it’s cold. Plants add a burst of energy to your bedroom and a splash of colour, the pots can also make for a nice design element in the room. A good choice of plant is an orchid.

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Books In, Technology Out

Glowing lights and sounds from electronics do not help you to have a peaceful and restful sleep. A television in the bedroom will make it too tempting for you to watch before bedtime making it difficult for you to sleep soundly. Leave your laptop in the living room too, make your bedroom a work-free zone.

Books, on the other hand, are a great activity pre-sleep and they also help with relaxation. You can also add a small bookshelf to your bedroom. In short, get rid of all technology from the bedroom!

Beginning to sound cosy already, right? Follow our inspiration and enjoy a cosy and comfortable bedroom this winter.