Chic Summer Outfits That Won’t Ruin Your Budget

In a world where everything is a “must have”, it can be easy to overspend on what you don’t really need and your bank account begging not to be overworked. Putting a break from spending will not cause your style to suffer; after all, the main key thing to remember to looking great every day is to build a cohesive and functional wardrobe.

Read on to learn how you can get chic summer outfits that won’t ruin your budget by knowing which items LOOKS expensive (but not) and how to UPGRADE an old item so that it’ll look brand new.

Crazy for caftan

Believe it or not, the caftan has been the go-to essential cover-up in sweltering heat since Ancient Mesopotamia. While a traditional caftan is a long robe with a narrow cut and full sleeves, these days it’s a catch-all word for any loose-fitting robe or light tunic. It’s ability to transition between a beachwear cover-up and an evening-appropriate maxi dress gives it the allure for many light travellers.

Now, not many of us will be able to afford caftans from Emilio Pucci, Halston or Peter Dundas. So what a girl to do?

The good news is that this functional hot-weather outfit is very easy to make — even a novice could successfully attempt this simple project. Head to your nearest dollar store for fabric in expensive-looking prints (think stripes, dots and large florals) and you’re set to look like a million dollars.

Layer them on

Layering clothing items may be counter productive in the summer but for many modest women – especially those who wear the hijab – layering is essential in keeping their modesty in check. Pulling off a layered look can be challenging, but not impossible: to do so, keep in mind about the silhouettes and fabrics that you will be working with. You probably have them in your wardrobe already — all you need is to find a new way to layer them.

However, don’t layer too much – you can effortlessly layer a cotton tee with loose tunic, but make sure that they are made of 100% light fabrics and do not cling to your body. When you are layering, resist the urge to tuck everything in. These two tips are to make sure that you stay comfortable and cool in the heat.

One more tip to keep it chic this summer with a layered outfit: keep it monochromatic. Whenever possible, stick to items in the same colour family. This will make your outfits visually appealing and easier to coordinate!

All-white outfits

Summer’s scorching sun may put your city on a heatwave alert but with all-white outfits, you will definitely survive a hot summer without looking like a harassed cat drowning in its own sweat (do cats even sweat?). An all-white look is very cooling, leaving you fresh and chic all summer long on any occasion – it will definitely keep you cool on your commute to work or simply live in white dresses.

If it is a little boring for your liking, add an interesting twist to add some personality to your outfit; this will help you step up your fashion game! We suggest learning how to thrift because a thrift store is a great place to unearth quirky accessories that just scream YOU! If you are super lucky, you could even get a vintage designer outfit with a small budget.

Making clothes look expensive (even when they are not)

There are many affordable chic summer outfits available to you if only you can expand your creativity and reuse what you already have. Sticking to a budget does not mean compromising your style — it is really about styling. It is definitely key in elevating high-street fashion to high-end status. Just remember to not be intimidated by the word because styling is a skill that you can easily learn.