The Class Conversion – 7 Ways to Add a Dash of Grandeur to Your Living Room

Class, style, grace and ease. Are these words that spring to mind when you think of your lounge room? No? Don’t fret – there’s hope. If your living space is feeling a bit neglected and looking a bit bedraggled then continue to read. We’re about to provide seven different ways you can add some elegance to your lounge room.

Reclining Chairs

Aside from being ultra-comfy and an absolute breeze to relax on, a pair of reclining chairs will really add a touch of elegance to your living space. Leather is a good option, although other materials can still look great. You’ll feel like a queen or king as you lay back in one of these, with a drink in hand and some soft music playing in the background.

Soft Lighting

Speaking of setting the mood, nothing will add a splash of grandeur quicker than appropriate lighting. Try to avoid turning the overhead light on at all, unless it’s a low-wattage globe. Instead, opt for some soft lighting provided by some tasteful lamps. Ideally, get some with dimmer settings so you can really crank up, or down, the mood.


No, we don’t suggest stealing Michelangelo’s David and plonking it in the centre of your living room. Yet, small yet tasteful sculptures are an excellent way to add some much-needed elegance into your living space. Try looking in op shops, online and at flea markets and you may be surprised at what you’ll find there.

A Liquor Cabinet

Nothing says style and grace than offering someone a stiff drink on the rocks as they come into your lounge room to relax. A small stand with a few bottles and some glasses could suffice, or you could go the whole hog and install a small mini-bar. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to add some old world charm and class to your space.

Carpets and Rugs

Now here’s a tried and tested way to get that lounge room looking stellar – invest in laying down some carpet or buy a nice big rug. As well as looking awesome, these are nice and soft underfoot and also help to keep the room nice and warm during the winter months, adding that soft and cosy touch that you’re after.

Just be sure to vacuum them regularly to keep them looking great, because they tend to gather dust and debris – especially as the lounge room is a busy place. Or, if you’re feeling in a different mood, you could…

Go for Polished Floorboards

Polished flooring is another way to add some grace into your space. While this may cost a bit to install, think about how great it will look. Gleaming, soft and shining wooden tones, contrasting perfectly with some dark timber furniture and offset by the palette of your paint scheme.

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Not all aesthetic is visual. It may be time to trade in your tiny Bluetooth speaker for a full blown hi-fi system, or if you’re a bit strapped for cash, something in the middle. Music is a great way to add a touch of ambiance to your environment, especially if you’re single and looking to mingle.

Just choose your music wisely. We suggest soft jazz, classical or chill out rather than Norwegian black metal, if you’re looking to impress guests.

There You Have It

Whether it’s setting the tone with some tunes, investing in a reclining lounge suite or buying some sculptures, you should have some ideas to add some class to your living space. Oh, don’t forget a choice between polished floorboards or carpet, and remember the soft lighting and the drinks cabinet or side table. Now, sit back and chill.