Colors And Mood: 15 Nail Polish Ideas

The spring is almost over and the summer is coming, so meet it with outstanding and fashionable nails out of top 15 nail polish collection options. The next season is going to be extremely hot and picturesque, so get prepared for it and make the best manicure you’ve ever done. These examples will inspire you for a number of summer adventures:

  1. Pink Nail Polish

When men were asked which color of nails they prefer the most on the ladies hans they answered that it was pink and blue. Enjoy this pink nail design for this summer!

Source: Glaminati

  1. Dark Red Nail Polish Design

Thermochronic dark red pigment is painted over Gelish Sweet tart foundation when it’s cold, it gets completely red, but when it’s hot you can see the Gelish color.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Cute Nail Polish Design

There are a lot of girls are looking for a cute nail design, so why not to consider this turquoise flower as a possible design option?

Source: @AlinaPinuccia

  1. Purple Nails

If you are a creative personality with a developed intuition, psychologists recommend to choose the purple nail design because it will highlight your uniqueness the most.

Source: Thai Nail Art

  1. Moon Nude Nail Polish

If you feel like you’re tired of colors, try this manicure and finally get some rest. Sometimes your eyes need some space to relax.

Source: Cuded

  1. Orange Nail Polish

The experts say that orange nail polish designs are stress and anxiety reducers, so if you want to get rid of depression try this color out.

Source: Indulgy

  1. Beige Nail Polish

If you like neutral colors and barely-noticeable, it’s time to do your nails with beige or light-pink, or something brighter and sparkling, like magenta or copper and enjoy the way nails look like. It would be fun, outgoing, and carefree.

Source: Indulgy

  1. Soft Coral Nail Polish

If you are tired of pinks, than you may select a pretty soft sheer coral nail polish for the summer season. Find the one, which is not too orange, too pink or too bright.

Source: Kellie Gonzo

  1. Dark Pink Nail Polish

Choosing the right dark pink nail polish is a challenge sometimes. A good one should stay on a long time, be natural-looking without being showy. Also, it may be classy.

Source: All Lacquered Up

  1. Wedding Nail Polish

A great wedding nail polish do not smudge, always look perfect, and will last at least for a couple of weeks, which is great for the honeymoon after the wedding ceremony.

Source: The Lacquer Log

  1. Ombre Nail Polish

If men like blue and pink colors on the ladies hands, than the combination of these two colors will be just right. Ombre nail polish is an answer for the question, which color to choose.

Source: Nail Polish Art

  1. Cute Drawings Nail Polish

Bright manicure is for “bright” personality. It suits blonds, brunettes, and reds.

  1. Cute Creative Nail Polish

If you’re young or feel like a young person, this nail polish will be just right for you. Come and try it yourself! It looks awesome combined with sneakers.

Source: The Little Canvas

  1. Midnight Pearl Nail Polish

Ombre Midnight pearl from warm to cold is useful and practical. The colors are rather neutral and humble, but gorgeous at the same time.

Source: Duitang

  1. Trendy Mirror Nail Polish

The mirror is also a very fashionable way of doing your nails this season, so listen to your heart if it tells you to try this nail design.

Source: @nail_sunny

Hope that you’ve found the color and style for your today’s mood here!

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