Indie Beauty: It’s Halloween at Concrete Minerals

Discovering new indie beauty brands gives me hope for the makeup of the future. That kind of unbridled creativity allowed to run rampant has lead to dozens and dozens of brands, each completely different from the next. Except… for… one common thread: Halloween. Indie beauty brands freaking love Halloween. Tons of brands are releasing new, spooky products, and Concrete Minerals has gathered all of their Halloween-themed makeup into one tidy collection.

Last year, Shiro Cosmetics put out the Hocus Pocus-themed highlighter collection, Glowcus Pocus, and this year, we’ve seen some equally awesome Halloween beauty releases. Concrete Minerals has a more long-term approach to this holiday. None of the eyeshadows or lip tints in this Halloween collection are new, they’re just… organized. Having a Halloween obsession that you live out all year long definitely works in your favor when October 31st comes around.

Concrete Minerals is based in California. They make all of their own mineral shadows “without cheap fillers” like talc and bismuth oxychloride, so their loose shadows are deeply pigmented and adhere to the skin really well. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll have to try really hard to get this to rash you up. (Please do not actively try to irritate your skin, ok? Ok.)


Blackest Black Color Stack

This is the newest product of the bunch, and it also might be one of the coolest. Included are five 2g jars of super-dark, smokey, blackened shadows. Included in this set:

  • Black Metal (black w/ silver sparkle)
  • Ether (gunmetal silver)
  • Kinky (black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle)
  • Séance (deep purple w/ lavender sheen)
  • Sabotage (black w/ pink sparkle & sheen)

Black Magic Collection
*May be sold out!

This is a collection of sparkling purple shades, each of which has its own shift. Included in this set:

  • Arsenic (shimmery red-brown w/ blue undertones)
  • Seance (deep purple w/ lavender sheen)
  • Bitches Brew (electric lavender w/ golden-orange shift)
  • Wicked (medium purple w/ aquamarine shift)

Wednesday Pro Matte Eyeshadow

This might seem like a bizarre addition, but what’s more fitting of a Halloween look than a flat, matte, medium grey? Appropriately named after the greyest of them all, Wednesday Addams.

The Zombie Girl Collection
*May be sold out!

True to the art on the outside of the tin container, this bundle of shadows is zombie pop-art in real life! (PS, I’d recognize those eyeballs anywhere – that’s BiohazardousBeauty! She has plenty of Concrete Minerals reviews on YouTube, including a review of this set.) Included in this set:

  • Living Dead (moss green w/ brilliant copper undertones)
  • Blood and Guts (rusty red w/ bright aqua shift)
  • The Vaccine (steel blue-grey w/ bright green duochrome)
  • Graveyard (deep taupe w/ pink shimmer)
  • Quarantine (medium pink w/ purple undertones)
  • Nightmare (electric purple w/ pink sparkle)

The Sugar Skull Collection

For something a little bit brighter, the Sugar Skull set is loud and vibrant, but still completely wearable. This set includes:

  • Sweet Catrina (pinky-neutral)
  • Altar of Roses (crimson red)
  • ¡Viva los Muertos! (electric pink w/ purple shift)
  • Los Angelitos (bright aquamarine)
  • Saint (navy blue-purple)
  • Calavera (marigold-yellow)

Lip Tint in Vamp  |  Lip Tint in Maniac
$6 each

Yes, there are even a couple of spooky lip products in their arsenal! These lip tints are like, well, a tinted balm – stocked with moisturizing ingredients and a wash of sheer color.

See their full Concrete Minerals Halloween collection here!

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