Cute Up Your Kitchen with 10 Strawberry Street

Lindsay’s Dream Mansion would definitely have a bangin’ kitchen. There would be an eight burner gas range, a kitchen island, and one of those refrigerators that talks to you about the food inside of it. It would also require some kind of epic cabinet to hold all of the cute dishes, trays, and mugs I plan on collecting over the course of my life because I cannot stop myself when it comes to cute dishes.

If you love dishware and kitchen accessories, you’ve undoubtedly seen something from 10 Strawberry Street. Pretty soon, I’m going to be in the position to buy a whole new set of dishes, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be something from this line. Not only is everything totally budget-friendly, but it’s incredibly unique and highly Instagrammable.

My Favorite 10 Strawberry Street Dish Sets

I included the two-tone, dipped bowls in the 2017 Mother’s Day Gifts roundup and it was kind of my gateway drug to the world of 10 Strawberry Lane. Some of these dishes might be a little bit cutesy for your taste and that’s okay – just keep scrolling. There’s no limit to 10 Strawberry Lane’s design ambitions, they try a little bit of everything.

The Goodies Porcelain Arrows Bowls, Set of 4, $29.99 | The Goodies Porcelain Cactus Bowls, Set of 4, $29.99

Porcelain & Gold Two Tone Dipped Bowls, Set of 4, $15

Great, now I want ice cream.

Cairo Gold Dining Collection | Ripple Collection | Square Beaded Collection, $64.99 for 16 piece

Tahoe Coupe Tid bit Bowls, Set of 6, $18.24 | Whittier Turquoise Square Handled Bowls, Set of 6, $28.49

My Favorite 10 Strawberry Street Mugs

Everyone knows I have a mug problem. And after buying one of 10 Strawberry Street’s “Boss Lady” mugs as a gift for my sister last year, I have been amassing a wish list. Don’t worry, Lindsay’s Dream Mansion has a separate kitchen exclusively for coffee and coffee-related dishes and accoutrements.

Metallic Gold Dipped Coffee Mugs, Set of 6, $24.99

These have haunted my dreams since the day I laid eyes on them. They’re gaudy, spectacular, and deceptively large. Yes, these look like espresso cups but they are, in fact, 16 oz. That’s a triple grande latte’s worth of goodness, literally covered in gold.

Vail Metallic Striped Mugs, Set of 4, $27.99

There are some Ten Strawberry Street designs that are complete departures from the cute, quirky, and bright designs you’ve seen already. This metallic silver mug is a) what Posh Spice would pick from this list and b) extremely versatile, and would be an awesome monochromatic texture for your dish collection. (Other people think about things like “visual texture” when buying dishware, right…? Guys…?) 

One Cup at a Time Latte Mug, $8.19

My aesthetic is whatever font this is. I am in love with how irregular and weird it is! This mug looks like it should be made out of tin, hiding in someone’s camping gear.

Awesome Mule Mug, $13.99

TIL: Mugs with this shape are called “mule mugs.”

Aspen Anchor Mugs, Set of 4, $29.49

Again, don’t let the shapes deceive you – this is a 12oz. mug. It’ll hold plenty of whatever it is that you’re drinking which, according to the product page, should exclusively be liquor. Aye aye, Captain!

My Favorite 10 Strawberry Street Serveware

OMG serveware! It’s one of my favorite things, which I’m positive is a genetic hand-me-down from my mom. Honestly, I think it’s a passion shared by people who love to cook for others. I love cooking for people, and having some awesome food on top of a cool looking dish makes me feel like I’m winning at life.

I put this section last because (number one, it’s the best, but also) I’m sure there are people who think about serving plates and large salad bowls and could not be less excited. That’s cool, I support you. Although, you’ll probably want to go back and look at the mugs some more because I’m about to covet some platters.

Rose Gold Pineapple 17″ Ceramic Platter, $38.24

Whittier Turquoise 12″ Triangle Bowl, $24.19

Zara Deep Oval Serving Bowl, $28.99

Nom Nom Nom Ceramic Quart Loaf Pan, $27.99

Creek Branch 24″ x 3″ Serving Tray, $35.99

Telluride Footed Serving Bowl, $37.99

Proteus 2.3 QT Porcelain Round Casserole Dish, $29.99

I had to end on a potluck winner because summer is officially here and I’m all about eating other people’s food.

This brand has so many designs that are interesting to me, each one for completely different reasons! Their dishes are all larger and made with better quality materials than I expect, and that makes me feel like these are just as showstopping IRL.

If you’re into this brand, you’re in luck because you can find it at a ton of stores.

Where to find 10 Strawberry Street

Do you have any dishes from this brand? They’re in so many places, I feel like at least one of you has a pineapple platter hiding in your kitchen! Tell us in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.