Dealspotr: Save & Earn Money with Online Coupons

Allow me to introduce you to Dealspotr. They run what might be the most reliable coupon website on the internet. On top of that, they’ll actually give you money for posting current coupons, and for validating other coupons on the site. So you save money while also receiving money. Now that’s a business I can get behind.

Trying to use coupons online can be really frustrating. Most online coupon websites seem like they just want to waste your time. Expired coupons, SEO artists, and bad information plague these sites and make it nearly impossible to have a successful coupon-hunting experience. Dealspotr’s main function is to be the guiding light through all of that noise.

If you haven’t been to a coupon website lately, it’s like trying to wade through clickbait quicksand. That’s why seeing Dealspotr’s multiple levels of coupon checks and balances is so refreshing. Chances are good that every coupon that you see in your feed is a coupon you can use – no strings attached, no third party website to confuse and mislead you.

Here are some things that Dealspotr does differently:

Personal Deal Feed: In the same way you follow your favorite brands on Facebook, you can follow your favorite brands on Dealspotr. Get up-to-date coupons as they become available instead of having to wait for an algorithm to show you the right post at the right time.

Community-Added Coupons: Dealspotr uses their strong community of users and puts them to work. Instead of having to submit the coupon to the website, you just add it yourself. It’s like the Wikipedia of coupon website, and it’s totally user-powered.

Coupon Validation: Another job of the Dealspotr community is validating coupons. Gone are the days of expired coupons cluttering up coupon code websites. If a coupon can’t be validated, it gets bumped further and further down. Once it had enough negative validations, it’s outta here!

Cash-Money Rewards Program: The whole reason people are sharing and posting these deals? They get paid for it! Dealspotr’s point-based rewards program will bestow a gift card or even a Paypal deposit upon you once you post, validate, and share enough deals. A $20 Amazon Gift card could be yours when you hit 20,000 points. If you’re the type of person that’s motivated by tasks disguised as games, you’re about to get your hustle on!

Look! People have saved $114 from the coupons I’ve posted to my profile! That is way cool, I’ve never noticed that little feature on the profile page.

As you can see, I definitely post coupons! Mostly the coupons are for cosmetics or fashion. Every once in a while, though, I come across a good one like Siggi’s and can’t resist. Plus, you get points for every deal you post, so why not? It takes maybe three minutes and could result in a gift card or money! That’s reason enough for me.

Today, though, I was able to post this screamin’ deal from Colourpop Cosmetics:

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to mine your inbox for new deals and add them to Dealspotr. It helps everyone in the long run, but it helps you right away. Let’s get into the “helping you” part now, shall we?

How to Earn Dealspotr Points

Add Coupon Deals: Every time you get an email blast from your favorite brand with a new coupon code, head over to Dealspotr and put it up on your profile. This will earn you points and people in the community who aren’t on email lists will thank you!

Add Product Deals: If you don’t have a secret stash of coupons, no problem. Just find great deals on individual products, and once you’ve verified that you’ve found the lowest price, you’ll earn points for posting it!

An old product deal I posted for an Urban Decay palette. You can all the info you need in one, easy-to-navigate space.

Validate Others’ Coupons: Whether you’re suspicious of a too-good-to-be-true coupon or are just looking to shop, validating coupons is easy! Just use, or pretend to use the coupons on the site just long enough to see if they really work. Once you’re in the checkout screen with the coupon activated, screencap your cart (without personal info!) and post it to show other users that they won’t waste their time using the deal. Points!

Complete Daily Checklists: Each day, you can log in and see a new 4-5 item checklist in your Dealspotr dashboard. These are basically challenges to get you acquainted with the website. Usually, the tasks involve adding deals, validating deals, sharing deals, and answering community requests for specific store coupons. Nothing bad happens if you don’t complete these, they’re just for motivation. (AND POINTS.)

Share Coupons to Social Media: This couldn’t be easier. You can share deals to your personal Dealspotr profile where you can follow and communicate with your friends about coupons and sales, or share quickly to social media for a wider reach.

Refer Friends: Since Dealspotr runs on social energy, referring your friends makes it a better place for… well, everyone! Bringing in your friends means more deals, more accuracy, and more fun all around. Plus, there’s a fat stack of points for you and your friends when they sign up! Speaking of referrals…

Get 5,000 bonus points by becoming my Dealspotr referral!

All you have to do is complete the new user checklist, and you’ll be on your way to your first gift card.

Seriously, there’s no good reason not to check a coupon website before ordering anything online. Brands and stores churn out coupon codes like they’re going out of style (they’re not). You might as well make the most of the marketing being thrown at you every day by turning it into free money!

What is your favorite coupon website? Are you on Dealspotr? Drop your profile link in the comments so I can follow you!

Disclosure: I am a verified influencer on Dealspotr’s website and partnered with Dealspotr on this feature. All opinions are my own because, duh, this is free to use and they give you money for being thrifty! But also this is a sponsored post and you deserve transparency. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! 

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