Dedicated: How to Decorate Your Home After the Holidays

Wintertime is all about being cozy. After the madness of the holidays, you want to enter the new year with a quiet, less involved aura around your home. Take down the Christmas tree and make sure you are ready and comfortable to spend a cozy winter indoors.

Rearrange Your Furniture

It can sometimes be difficult to stay cheerful during the winter. The nights are shorter, the snow has come upon is, and it is too cold to go outside: how can we feel refreshed during these hard, dark months? It can be as simple as rearranging the furniture. Arranging your furniture in winter can make it easier to clean your house, or create more space in the living or bedroom that you’ve desperately needed after getting that new, large-screen television for yourself at Christmas.

Winter Themes

To convey the cozy theme of winter, add a few arctic animals here and there. Check out discount department stores like Target or even Walmart to find these cold-climate knick-knacks to place around your home. From snowy owls to polar bears and the ever-popular penguin, these winter favorites can still light up your home in the dark, cold months of the year.

You may not think that it is not budget-friendly, you can choose to wrap things in wool by using old sweaters. From mugs to vases to simply throwing a white or beige wool blanket, wrapping everything in wool gives your home that comfortable, wintry look that begs you to come out the cold and snuggle up with hot cocoa.

Light Up Your World

Whether you are an individual that is prone to having more depressed thoughts during the winter or you are just tired of being inside, you want to keep your home well-lit. This can expensive if you are keeping your lamps and rooms lit most of the day and even into the night, but be sure to use energy-efficient lights to save a bit of money that should be spent on heating and post-Christmas bills. You can also use mirrors to make this light seem brighter.

Mirrors add light to each room as well, which is important during the darker, colder months. This option is budget-friendly, as you can find good mirrors at your local department store, and even dollar stores around the area. Simply hang a few mirrors in the bedroom or living room and let the illusion take you to your happy place.


Once Christmas is over, you will not constantly smell gingerbread cookies, peppermint, or cinnamon – that may be a bit disheartening. However, when things quiet down, bust out your incense and warmer to fill your nose, and your mind, with smells such as citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, and lemon) for energy and lavender or sage for stress and anxiety relief. Aromatherapy in winter is a great way to keep your cool once the holidays end.

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Just Be Extra

Add a few colorful, funky elements. The overall winter look is calm, collected, and comfortable. But, just to keep yourself from going crazy when the snow keeps you indoors for potentially days at a time, add those extra details that are just fun. For example, take time to create a few volatile chalkboard projects with vibrant, colorful chalk markers that can be found at to remind yourself to stay positive.

Winter is a time for minimalist décor and bright lighting. Utilizing bright, calm colors and wrap yourself in wool. Still, make sure that you are comfortable, even if that means being a little extra to keep the winter from getting you down. After the holidays end, trying winter décor will keep you calm and cozy.