How to Decorate a Home that Won’t Go Out of Style

If you’re interested in interior design then you probably follow all of the latest design blogs and hit up Pinterest on the daily for your everyday inspiration needs. You’ve likely seen all the latest trends, from the chevron print in every colour to the endless pineapple themed décor. But trends change, as does inspiration and our own style sense.

Keep it Simple

Ever hear of the KISS method? Well, if you want to decorate a home that won’t go out of style then you’ll need to seriously put this method (Keep it Simple, Stupid) to work. Of course this doesn’t mean making everything bland and boring, but instead opting for larger furniture pieces and home décor items that are simple and will go with just about anything.

Instead of it being boring, this means that you’ll be able to change up your style and design more often, without breaking the bank and having to entirely redo a room. Instead, switch it up with bold pops of colour in your manchester pieces, including rugs, cushions and throws, and with your feature wall, art work and other one off design elements.

Opt for Classics

Classics are simply pieces that haven’t (or will never likely) go out of style. Choose classic pieces (at least your larger buys anyway) so that your home design will never go out of Vogue. Style your living room with wingback arm chairs, iconic 60’s low back buttoned couches, tiffany lamps and classic prints or portraits. A good rule of thumb is to choose classics from the decade your home was built (so long as there haven’t been any major renovations) this should mean that your furniture and décor will match your homes outward appearance and inner style.

Stay Away from Fast Trends

Everyone knows the saying fast fashion and there’s a definite shift in global behaviour that shows we’re moving away from this trend and are embracing a more ethical type of consumer behaviour. The same goes for home décor. Remember the last time you shopped at Target?

How many items did you see with an owl print or in the shape of a pineapple, any succulent pots? In order to have a home that isn’t going to go out of style by the weeks end, make sure you stay far away from these home trends that aren’t made to last.

Stick to a Budget

As tastes change, you may find yourself wanting to change the design of your home on a whim or you may find in a few years’ time that you’re just not loving the look anymore. That’s ok. We all crave change from time to time. That’s why it’s important to only splurge on those few classic, larger purchases that you’re certain to not get rid of anytime soon. Set a budget (particularly for the smaller décor pieces) and stick to it. You can stick to it more easily by buying second-hand items, (this is a good idea when trying to source those classic pieces anyway) and by always doing your research before purchasing. This will mean that when it comes time for a new look, you can afford it.