Dedicated: 5 Best Makeup Brands for a Natural Look

When it comes to things like job interviews or dating, putting our best face forward is something that goes through every woman’s mind. First impressions last, and while we all like to rock the glamorous look when going out, meeting a date for the first time calls for a more down to earth look, no? Whether you’re meeting in a coffee shop or in an online chat room with a video feature, the natural look never fails to impress.

As makeup artists will tell you, the key to a natural look is soft tones, warm hues, and matte colors. For that natural beauty, these are five brands that have got your back, sister.

Plain and simple, Tarte is amazing. This brand specializes in makeup made without chemicals, and the pricing won’t break the bank. The Amazonian clay ranges are fantastic, with matte colors made to suit a wide range of skin tones. Perfect for natural looks, try the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation coupled with the Amazonian tinted BB cream for soft skin coverage, and take your pick of their eyeshadow range to finish the look off.

A friend of mine goes gaga over every new palette Too Faced creates, and for good reason. In addition to the cute-as-a-button packaging, this brand is high quality and fairly priced. Pair the Born This Way foundation with your picks from the Natural Eyes palette, dust those cheeks with one of the rosy, faintly shimmering blushes from the adorable Sweet Peach Glow set, and you’re ready to rock.

(Also, their Better Than Sex mascara is true to its name.)

Though known for their bright colors and vivid pigments, Urban Decay’s Naked range is just as addicting and is perfect for natural looks. The liquid foundations in this range are lightweight, yet lose no coverage or pigmentation; a perfect combo. Turn your beautiful face into a triple-threat-hit with a Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette and smack those lips with an Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss.

This range is so light and barely-there that you’ll feel practically naked.

You’re worth it! The Infallible Matte Foundation – my weapon of choice at the moment – is great for women with oily skin who want that ‘I woke up to the birds singing this morning and life is beautiful’ look. Toss in two or three shades from the Colour Riche Nude Eyeshadow palette, glam up those cheeks with a touch of True Match Blush, and you’re good to go.

L’Oreal Paris is also a brand on the affordable side, and can be found anywhere from Target to your local pharmacy.

The day I walked into an Inglot store was the day I fell in love. This brand is perfect for women of all skin tones and personal tastes, with a range that consists of over 1,500 colors and, perhaps best of all, has something called the freedom system. What is the freedom system, you ask? It’s best thing ever! The freedom system allows you to design your own palette. You get to pick and choose your favorite eyeshadows, blushes, and powders, and craft your own ‘natural look’ palette. Add in one of their light coverage foundations and you’ve got one hell of a fine natural look to face the day with.

A final piece of advice for natural looks! A good primer goes a long way to keeping your makeup in place and stopping shine from appearing throughout the day; some are even tinted and can help smooth out skin tone and texture. Also, on fleek brows are a trend at the moment, but natural looks benefit from the lightest touch possible. If you like full brows, go ahead and fill ‘em in, but use a light hand.

Probably watching Netflix.