Dedicated: 5 Mistakes Women Make with Lingerie

Women really love their underwear. Whether it’s bra, panties, or shapewear, they love to keep their lingerie close to them. But there are few grave mistakes that women make unknowingly when shopping for lingerie. Lines showing through that sheer dress is just the start, and many times the bra is just not comfortable but we wear it anyway because “it’s our favorite.”

However, it’s important to understand that lingerie is not something you can compromise with. Those angry red marks due to extra tight fitting underwear is just not good for the body – especially your circulation. If you are plus size woman, a good bra makes such a huge difference – your style and fitting should not be sacrificed!

So today, we’ll be pointing out some major mistakes made by women in their everyday life. So let’s start:

Mistake No. 1 – It doesn’t hurt, I’ll fit into it!

“Just fitting” into clothing is not actually good enough when it comes to underwear. If you’re panty is leaving those angry red marks on your stomach, then it’s time to change your size. Please don’t adjust with it saying, “I’ll fit into it” – because the reality is NO! You’re not! Maybe later but what matters is right now. If you have to squeeze your stomach in to wear that panty, then please switch to another size.

Mistake No. 2 – It’s so pretty, it’ll definitely fit!

Buying bras according to your size is just like buying a denim for yourself. You don’t buy a jeans until it’s 100% comfortable on you. Why trust the sizes of the store blindly? Always remember that bras look prettier when they fit you correctly. Therefore, an important lesson is to get properly sized before purchasing a bra from the store.

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Mistake No. 3 – Don’t have time, I’ll wash them in washing machine!

Generally, it is said you should wash your lingerie by hand. Hand washing is always better than machine washing when it comes to underwear. Machines can distort the quality of your plus size lingerie, especially bras. They are expensive and the material are really smooth and delicate, so please don’t wash them in washing machines! The correct way is to take them with you in the shower, and wash them with your hands.

Mistake No. 4 – Do I need a shapewear, I don’t think so!

Normally, when we wear casual or formal dresses, we tend to “go commando.” But the truth is, every dress could benefit from shapewear. As much as we want to hide the bulges on your body, without shapewear that won’t be possible. Consider how your dress fits, and whether or not bulges will emphasize those panty lines.

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Mistake No. 5 – I’ll shop from some local store!

This is a huge mistake that every woman commits in their course of life. From puberty onward, we wear lingerie purchased from local stores. Their is no guarantee of the material and no fixed sizes. It’s always better to purchase plus size lingerie in Australia from branded stores or online portals. When shopping in the branded stores, first measure your chest and then decide which type of bra you’re looking for. This is only possible if you personally visit the store and choose lingerie for yourself. If you’re plus size women especially in a country like Australia, then visiting store is the only option.