Dedicated: 5 Sewing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2017

Sewing can be both fun and challenging, especially choosing the best machine for you. But then things become relatively easier. When you wear something that you made yourself, it is a very satisfying feeling.

Sewing has made a comeback and is now popular in trend. Go to any bookstore and you will come across a variety of project books regarding sewing and sewing things you need to know when working from home. If you have a sewing machine you inherited or got as a gift, use this amazing resource and create your own wardrobe and for others too.

Mandy Pellegrin’s desk, via Fabric, Paper, Glue.

Sewing no longer remains a hobby of your granny only. Everyone is doing it nowadays. So get out your thread, needles, scissors and sewing machine and sew away. If you are not sure what you shall be sewing this year? Try taking some inspiration from the top sewing trends of this year. Some of them shall definitely make their way into your sewing planner!


Sewing custom jeans has been quite a rage in the past few years.  It might seem difficult but its not impossible. You can create jeans of every shape, style and size yourself.

The market is filled with denim fabrics of all types and if you are one of those who are too picky about her jeans, you can make your own be it cropped, flared straight leg or skinny. Pocket detailing is really fun too you could add your own personal touch.

Soft Jackets:

Jackets are not only comfortable to wear but quite quick to sew as well. There has been an on-going trend of soft and unstructured jackets. These have taken the place of a cardigan and have the perfect amount of being bit dressy yet professional.  Common style feature flat-bound edge or waterfall front.

Bold and Colorful Palette:

You thought the primary colors such as basic yellow, red and green suit pre-schoolers only? Think again. Designers are now utilizing these basic bright shades creatively.  Using bold colors in everyday attire is the new trend. Try adding bit of glow when sewing a bright piece of clothing that will definitely make you stand out.

Be Artsy:

Go for artful garments. A hot trend of mix and match prints has been witnessed on the runway and so can you. Anyone can totally pull this off with simple rules to follow and their favorite colors. And the method is really inexpensive as well.

Let that inner artists go and manifest amazing combinations with a variety of fabrics to create something originally, you. You could also try to use small remnants of fabric while making artsy outfits.  You shall get some practice of artistic garment creation this way.

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Go with the Flow:

Flowing dresses are back. Gone are the days of tight fitting apparel. It is all about comfortable yet stylish clothing and shapes that are found appealing to the eye.  Try experimenting with necklines. By Spring, jackets and boxy tops will be back full force.

Have fun sewing!