Dedicated: 5 Ways To Go On A Budget Vacation

Ask random people why they do not travel as much as they would like and chances are most of them will blame their financial situation. It’s a legitimate barrier since travel does require cash. This though begs one question: how much money is enough to travel?

Cost will of course depend on where you are traveling to and how. Yet, how much you spend is also a reflection of how creative you are. There are many ways to see the word without breaking the bank. Reevaluate your travel style and the quality of your travel experience will not be hinged by how much you spend. Here are five ways to travel cheap.

1. Target The Low Season

Low seasons are a great way to take advantage of discounts. Plan your trip well in advance. Interesting hotels such as Princess Bayside (Ocean City, MD), Topping Rose House (Bridgehampton, NY), The Allisson Inn (Newberg, OR) and Sanderling Resort (Duck, NC) all offer attractive prices in the off-season.

The weather won’t always be favorable so it’s important to stay focused on the positive aspects. You will not have to wait in line when going to popular restaurants for instance.

2. Take Day Trips

It’s a common misconception that travel means spending the night. Day trips are not only inexpensive but they also emphasize the travel element which should be a big part of going on vacation (unlike spending half the day holed up in a hotel).

If you have flown hundreds or thousands of miles to have fun in Los Angeles, it makes sense to include a day trip to next door Orange County in your itinerary (see for tips on places to see) but you don’t necessarily have to spend the night there.

3. Go Vacation Rental

If you are traveling as a couple, family or group of friends, vacation rentals slash large amounts from what you’d otherwise spend staying in a hotel.

You leverage economies of scale with each additional person therefore reducing the overall group expenses. Instead of eating at a restaurant, cook your own food. Vacation rentals may feel a little stifling for travelers seeking a quiet holiday but positive group dynamics means they are almost always more fun.

4. Organize A Home Exchange

Swap your home with someone else who lives in the area you wish to travel to. The ideal would be to exchange homes with a friend or relative but this would greatly limit the places you can go to. Being open-minded about switching homes with strangers significantly expands your options.

You do not need to feel uneasy. Since the exchange is mutual, the other party is likely to take care of your home as much as they would like you to treat theirs. A number of online networks facilitate these exchanges and use references to minimize the risk of an unpleasant experience.

5. Crowdfunded Travel

Any help you can get to reduce your travel costs ought to be welcomed. That’s why crowdfunding is one of the options you should consider. Usually, associated with raising capital for business and humanitarian needs, there are increasing number of crowdfunding sites that allow one to raise money for a vacation.

Examples of such sites include Plumfund, TravelStarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe. There are certain things you can do to increase the chances of obtaining the required funds. For example, travel that includes some benefit to the host community will be viewed favorably.

Saving on travel has never been more important. These tips will go a long way in taking the pressure off your finances.

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