Dedicated: 6 Exciting Games Your Kids Can Play for Free

As a part of your parenting responsibilities, you should provide your child an environment that stimulates their growth and learning. Children toys are not enough to do that. Surprisingly, introducing your child to gaming can speed up their memory, brain development, concentration, learning and decision-making skills. And if you’re budget conscious, we have enlisted just the games for you. These 6 games are free, fun to play and low-key beneficial for your kids!

  • Team Fortress 2

After its release in 2007, Team Fortress 2 was made free-to-play almost 4 years ago. This first person shooter is among the most popular free-to-play games available on Steam to date. The objective revolves around two opposing teams battling it out to emerge victorious. The tricky part is where you get to choose your team of nine characters, define their strengths, weaknesses and decide which three weapons each character should have. Introduce your kids to Team Fortress 2 to improve their aiming and decision-making skills.

  • Candy Tetris

Juegos Friv brings us back to the ultimate craze of every 90’s kid. Tetris is now available as Candy Tetris where the rules are same as the classic version. You need to stack all falling colored blocks in a way that eliminates the same colored blocks. Earn points and build the maximum score! Candy Tetris is sure to enhance your child’s brain development and cognitive abilities (thinking, focus, quick response, etc). The shapes of the blocks can be altered using the keyboard.

  • Marvel Heroes 2016

Is your child crazy about Marvel superheroes? Surprise him with this free MMORPG where he gets to control his favorite Marvel characters (Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool and many others) in a chaotic setting. Marvel Heroes is free-to-play if unlocked characters are good for your taste, the fancier ones come with a price. A handful of superheroes get into a combat with malevolent Doctor Doom and hundreds of missions are available to defeat him. The battle is followed by a number of upgrades with the increase in levels, and if all this still fails to thrill you, you can get into a bit of PvP action!

  • Delicious Cheese Pizza Café

Who says gaming is just for boys while our little girls can stick to their dolls? Delicious Cheese Pizza Café is available on Friv to bring out the little cook in your child. It suits the likes of young girls who love playing cooking and makeover games. All they have to do is complete the task of baking the perfect pizza and then move on to the decoration task. This free online cooking game encourages the participation of kids in the real-world kitchen. Easy to play, Delicious Cheeze Pizza Café requires the use of mouse only.

  • Pinball Arcade

We all remember the classic Pinball, which is now available with a bit of a twist on the arcade table. Don’t let your kids miss out on all the addiction to build the highest scores. A full access to the ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’ themed table is available for free. Other awesome themes are present for you to try out just once without any additional charges. However, if you want an unlimited access to them, you may have to spend a little. That being said, the freemium version of Pinball Arcade is enough for your kid to enjoy and strengthen their cognitive ability.

  • Warframe

Warframe requires no other investment than your time! If your kid takes great interest in warfare games, this third person shooter is an excellent choice for thrifty parents to acquaint their kids with. Each player can have a team of four members equipped with the choice weapons and a number of missions to wipe out enemies from the face of the virtual world. Upon the completion of each challenge, the players are rewarded with exciting upgrades.

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