Dedicated: Accessorise to Perfection – Your Jewellery Style Guide

The perfect outfit is more than just the fabric that we wear because no ensemble is complete in the absence of accessories that add a unique touch.

Designer jewellery has long been the best friend of many a woman seeking a touch of elegance to add to any ensemble, formal or otherwise. It is only natural to want to look your best for any occasion, and we, of course, want to feel as though we own our look – wearing an outfit that nobody else could pull off.

From traditional accessories to more bold and daring frills, knowing how to wear your jewellery is essential to looking your best.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that’s not to say you need to wear a stone the size of one’s fist to look the part – sometimes less is more. Rings often have meaning to them, but can also make for a killer accessory (just be careful which finger you wear them on).

Gemstone rings can be worn with almost any outfit, formal and informal, meaning that you can wear them to your heart’s content. When we own a piece of luxury we want to show it off for the world to see, and not keep it hidden away. Perfect for whenever you are unsure just how smart smart-casual actually is.


Wrist wear is a necessity, and it is essential that any bracelet you pick out matches the dress you wear. Colour co-ordinate your bracelets to match your outfit, adding some sparkle in the form of designer jewellery on your wrist can make for the perfect finishing touch.

Of course, when it comes to bracelets there is a time and a place for your most precious of items. You do not want to come across overdressed when simply going out for a casual drink with friends, and neither do you want to look as though you rushed your picks.


Who said that cufflinks were just for men? Challenge the status quo the next time you are in the office wearing your favourite blouse with a pair of feminine cufflinks. It takes a strong and powerful woman to pull off such an accessory, but we know that you can own this look.

Paired correctly with a business dress that portrays your confidence in the workplace, cufflinks can really add an extra dimension and give a devastating edge to your outfit. Own the meeting and demand the spotlight.


Just like rings, earrings are one of the traditional pieces of jewellery that women have worn and made their own for as long as we can remember. Studded earrings work best for more laid back situations, while droopy earrings are a fantastic yet feminine touch that works best when hair is worn up. Why would you want to hide away such fantastic jewellery?

The more formal the occasion, the more you should look to spend on earrings. The rule here should be the more you are likely to wear them, the less you should look to spend, as they will be cheaper to replace.


Whether you opt for a subtle light chain with a small pendant, or a statement-making think necklace with a dominant feature acting as the central piece of your outfit, this is an imperative piece of designer jewellery. At some point or another, a woman will likely have been presented a necklace from a loved one, romantic or otherwise, giving the necklace sentimental value that overrides any materialistic worth.

A necklace should represent something to us, as the pendant literally sits close to our hearts. To tell a story with our outfits, the accessories we wear fill the covers of fabric with almost Shakespearian context. The necklace, if you choose it to be, is the be all and end all of accessories.